EMF Sensitivity in the Rear View Mirror

rear-view-mirrorOn Saturday, January 20, I was fortunate to be a guest on Dr. Susan Kolb’s Temple of Health Radio Show.  We discussed my book Riding the Waves: Diagnosing, Treating, and Living with EMF Sensitivity.  It was an honor to have the opportunity to educate people about the little understood and often disbelieved health condition of sensitivity to electromagnetic frequencies.

Yes, it’s real!

Dr. Kolb was intrigued by the idea of sensitivity to geomagnetic frequencies, and specifically, the ultra-low and very low frequencies (ULFs and VLFs) that come from the earth’s fault lines.

These frequencies increase in number and strength in the days and weeks prior to an earthquake.  Those who are sensitive to these frequencies may find themselves feeling dizzy, nauseated, and fatigued during this time period.

In preparation for the show, I reread the book.  I had mixed emotions as memories of how sick I was surfaced.  However, I couldn’t help but realize just how far I’ve come.  Not only am I no longer sickened by electromagnetic frequencies, I understand why I became EMF Sensitive to begin with.

I mentioned it on the show.

What stands out most after my discussion with Dr. Kolb is that many people could be suffering from EMF Sensitivity and not realize it.  This is because, as I write in Riding the Waves, the symptoms are generic and could be attributed to a variety of conditions, including MCS, SAD, and other autoimmune conditions.  This makes identifying EMF Sensitivity a challenge.

It occurred to me during the show that the real value of my book – aside from educating people on the subject of EMF Sensitivity and introducing them to remedies that bring relief from the associated life-altering and often debilitating symptoms – is the blueprint it provides for the investigative work that is required to determine whether or not you are suffering from EMF Sensitivity.

I believe this is particularly important because if you are misdiagnosed – or if your child is misdiagnosed – you (he/she) could be unnecessarily medicated which can bring a host of issues through side effects and potential nutrient deficiency impact.

And won’t address the problem.

Many of the symptoms associated with ADD and ADHD actually signal EMF Sensitivity which does not require medication to treat.

None of the remedies require a prescription.  They are inexpensive, easy to access, and do not require a physician’s “permission” to implement.

Those are the remedies.  The cure is a different story.

Sort of.

The root.  Exposure to heavy metal toxins led to my EMF Sensitivity.

Definitely environmental.

 The metals displaced critical nutrients such as magnesium, and potassium which affected my electrolyte balance as well as my immune system.  In order to cure the condition, I had to detoxify the heavy metals and restore nutritional balance. 

Not easy!

 During the discussion, Dr. Kolb provided important insight into the challenges of detoxification, and it is for this reason I have continued to urge people to work with a trained health professional when taking this step.  But first, you need to know what you’re dealing with.  This is why that detective work that I so painstakingly carried out is critical.

You do not want to be treating the wrong issue!

 As I write in Calcium: The Old Man Mineral and Its Role in EMF Sensitivity, I continue to live in EMF Land.  However, I am not suffering there.  Now, I’m an interested observer who continues to research in order to better understand the condition that turned my life inside out.

A Holistic Mess.  There is no aspect of life that isn’t impacted by EMF Sensitivity.

  • Body

 Aches, migraines, burning watery eyes, ungodly fatigue.

  •  Mind

 Depression, hopelessness, procrastination, racy mind, difficulty concentrating.

  •  Spirit

 Feeling spiritually disconnected, loss of sixth sense abilities – including intuition. **

 This is why it is so critical that the condition be identified and measures taken to resolve it.

The information in Riding the Waves: Diagnosing, Treating, and Living with EMF Sensitivity will definitely help you identify whether or not you are suffering from EMF Sensitivity.

 One size does not fit all.  Some people will not be able to take the steps necessary to cure the condition.  Perhaps they have damaged glands and/or organs and need to take medication.  That doesn’t mean that they cannot take steps toward improving the quality of their lives.

Most of the remedies can be used by anyone and have zero side effects as they are not ingested.

Educate yourself.  When I was growing up, my father taught me that when you are afraid of something, it is a good idea to learn as much as you can about the subject.

Knowledge is power.

My material is written to educate, not only those who may be suffering from EMF Sensitivity, but also their care providers.

Doctors are invaluable consultants though ultimately, individuals are responsible for their well-being.

Life can be good!

**  I write more about the impact of EMF Sensitivity on spirituality in Wipeout EMF Sensitivity:  The Challenge of Curing Autoimmune Disease.



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