[Har] Bringers of Doom

Egg-Chicken-In-Egg-Chicken-Or-Egg.jpg.653x0_q80_crop-smartWhich comes first, ill health or the behaviors that result in and/or from it?

Classic chicken or egg proposition.

In seeking to answer this, I first considered the idea that when we aren’t feeling well and/or when we’re feeling stressed, we typically take action(s) to remedy the situation.

We seek to restore a state of well-being.

Next, I considered how this played out in my own life.

The answer is straight forward, yet complex.

To put the answer into context, I’ll start by inserting a definition.

Comfort.  1)  To soothe in times of affliction or distress.  2)  To ease physically, relieve.  3)  A condition or feeling of pleasurable ease; well-being and contentment.

We associate certain behaviors with bringing comfort

  • Comfort foods

Typically carbohydrates that are empty of nutrients

  • Comfort behaviors

Can include actions, often self-destructive, that we wouldn’t take under normal circumstances

  • Comfort locations

Where we go to feel better.

Though these steps may bring temporary relief, I’ve come to realize that they often lead to continued stress which drives more behavior to bring relief – which leads to more stress.

Where’s the exit?  Ending such a cycle can be difficult simply because you have to determine what brings the stress to begin with.

Hint:  It’s not the behavior(s)!

I finally determined that the stress comes first.  Unfortunately, simply knowing this isn’t going to stop the cycle.  You have to find the [Har] Bringers of Doom!


 Brooms:  The Bringers of Doom!


{Har] Bringers of Doom are events and circumstances (which can include people) that stress our systems.  The important consideration is that we typically don’t realize just how bad the stress is and what a negative impact it is having on our systems.

We don’t realize how badly the situation is draining our batteries.

 The Stars are Aligning.  Over the course of three years, I came to see that certain events happen at specific, yet seemingly random times.  When I superimposed this timeframe over the previous twenty years, I saw that there most definitely was a pattern.

Nothing random about it!

 Taken individually, each event and/or circumstance seemed harmless.  A step back to look at the bigger picture, however,, brought a different interpretation.


Aha!  I came to realize that these events stressed me more than I realized!

They often masqueraded as happy events and/or positive situations.

I’d like to clarify a point.  This is not the same as all stress is stress, even good stress.  That isn’t necessarily true.  How a situation affects any individual is very specific to that individual.

15770215-empty-gas-tank-Stock-VectorThe stress drained my adrenal fuel which had me seeking to replenish it.  As a result, I made poor nutritional choices.

I don’t like chocolate, I don’t eat desserts.

 Though I didn’t binge, the small amounts and short durations of the foods I did choose threw my still healing system badly out of balance.  Unfortunately, I didn’t recognize it until there were repercussions.

Whew!  It was the incredible relief I felt once balance was restored that alerted me to the problem.

It was like breathing clean air after living within a cloud of smog!

Able to make the causal association, I recognized the importance of avoiding The Brooms!

 The pain and suffering are totally not worth it!

Relationship Patterns.  Specific events happened in response to other events.

Ironically, the precipitating event was a very positive step in the right direction.

There was an action – reaction sort of thing going on.

Wherein the action was good for me.

Trojan-HorseThe Trojan Horse.  None of the secondary events were self-sabotaging in nature.  The secondary events appeared to be positive when in reality, they were far from it.

It took me until recently to understand these positive changes led to events that led to behaviors that increased nutritional deficiencies.

Which led to poor health, which led to seeking further relief.

1-2I finally emerged from the Broom induced hell I recently found myself in.  The duration was shorter and the recovery was faster – no doubt due to my overall health recovery – but one thing stood out.  I never wanted to go through that hell again!

Not if I could help it!

us_navy_031018-n-8295e-266_damage_controlmen_spray_fire_hose's_off_the_hanger_deck_during_a_damage_control_demonstration_held_for_embarked_guests_aboard_uss_ronald_reagan_(cvn_76)_crop-0I encourage people to take a closer look at what is going on in their lives.  They may be surprised by how much something or someone is yanking their chain and driving them to act in a way that is against their best interests.

Caution!  Be careful who you discuss this with.  That individual could be part of the problem.

 So, which came first, the  [stress] chicken or the [behavior] egg?




Good luck and good health!

For more about how consumer behavior is driven by chemicals, see Wipeout EMF Sensitivity:  The Challenge of Curing Autoimmune Disease and/or Calcium: The Old Man Mineral and Its Role in EMF Sensitivity.


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