Calcium and Reducing Scar Tissue

Calcium_1I received a comment on the article about baking soda reducing/eliminating scar tissue.  Jon asked what, other than baking soda, I would recommend to accomplish this.  Rather than simply replying I decided to post the answer here.

This is based on my personal experience over the last year.

Calcium is a metal.  It is an EMF Conductor.  This results in pain at scar tissue sites in the presence of certain electromagnetic frequencies.

This is why people feel achey and experience joint and arthritic pain prior to thunderstorms and atmospheric EMFs.  Eliminate/reduce the excess calcium and the pain goes away.

EMFs can also slow healing due to the conductivity of calcium.  Blocking the EMFs will help but eliminating the excess calcium is imperative.

Migraine:  For years I suffered terrible migraines prior to thunderstorms.  The more electrical activity (i.e. lightning) the more debilitating the pain.  The pain was centered at the location of brain surgery I had to repair a hemorrhage.  No one could ever explain why I got the awful migraines and nothing treated them.

I would go to the ER and they would give me a shot of Demerol/vistral, have someone pick me up, and I slept until the storm front moved out.  It never relieved the pain, it just allowed me to sleep until the system passed.  This was a miserable way to deal with it.

After implementing baking soda therapy for something else entirely, I began to notice scars shrinking or disappearing.  What I noticed at the surgery site was that the area of pain reduced in size and then disappeared.  This is consistent with the elimination/reduction of scars.  No more pain before thunderstorms.

There is a P.S. to this – read on.

Joint Pain:  As the scar tissue shrunk in various places, the joint pain was eliminated as well.  This applied to a thumb that had been injured when I was sixteen and an old knee injury.

Arthritis:  I had some mild arthritis in my hip.  The chiropractor was baffled until I told him I had been a gymnast.  He said, “Ahh, that explains it.”

Other Scars:  Scars from skin issues reduced in size and/or disappeared altogether.

Managing Calcium.  Though this started/came about as a result of the baking soda therapy, I noticed that even after I stopped the therapy, but continued to work on reducing excess calcium, the scars and above issues continued to diminish and disappear.

I have learned/experienced that excess calcium is responsible for arthritis and joint pain as well as a number of issues.  Apparently, this has been known for decades and nutritional therapies such as a Myers Cocktail have been used to treat the conditions associated with excess calcium for decades and by more than just “naturopaths.”  My doctor was an MD.

In my personal experience, taking steps to reduce excess calcium has achieved the same results as the baking soda though more slowly.  The baking soda definitely jump-started everything.  Be warned, however, this is a challenge.  Calcium is an electrolyte and if you take steps that target one mineral/electrolyte, you risk causing an imbalance in others.

What I did.  Because I/we had been exposed to hard water which led to a variety of health issues for my entire family, I put us on a regiment of Lugol’s iodine and magnesium.  I did this for 6 months then stopped.

We moved to a location where we don’t have hard water – HUGE!

I used 2 drops of Lugol’s daily along with 400 mg of magnesium oxide.

2 times/day for youth – 3 for adult.

I monitored any health changes and would have taken steps if anything bad happened.

Once the problem corrected I halted the supplementation.

I tried magnesium citrate and it made everyone’s symptoms worse.  I used magnesium cloride externally, including brushing teeth, but it is too slow acting internally.  Only magnesium oxide was more effective – for all of us.  Turns out we have been using it since the 60s to eliminate excess calcium associated with kidney stones.

I did not supplement with Vitamin D.  It is known that it is a bad idea to supplement with Vitamin D when there are elevated levels of calcium in the blood.

Not only did I get sick every time I tried taking any supplemental vitamin D, the Vitamin D council states not to take supplemental vitamin D when there are elevated calcium levels in the blood.  Americans who gobble calcium supplements and vitamin D like they are M & Ms should take note of that, I think.

As excess calcium was reduced (as evidenced by further shrinkage of scar tissue), the issues associated with excess calcium resolved.

Yellow teeth and nails, dry hair and skin, chapped lips, anger issues, increased skin lesions – all resolved.

Not all family members experienced the same symptoms.  All, however, benefited from detoxifying the metal calcium after we moved to a place with no hard water to worry about.

People who drink RO water are at high risk for severe nutritional problems including arthritis and joint/back pain because they are not getting the minerals they need – including the electrolytes that are so invaluable to our health.  My suggestion would be to remineralize the water before you drink it with something like Concentrace Trace Minerals.

Potassium.  I learned from experience the migraines and back pain were associated with low potassium.

Which went low because of excess calcium.

Calcium will push magnesium down.  Low potassium is associated with low magnesium and is often treated by raising magnesium levels.  However, I needed to supplement with potassium directly and found after awhile – months – that magnesium caused issues.

What I learned from all of this is the importance of having balanced electrolytes.  Taking supplements after you have corrected a problem can cause new problems.  Stop taking the supplements once the balance has been restored.

My advice to address scar tissue is to address excess calcium.

If you drink hard water this will be virtually impossible. 

Many therapies will not work in the presence of hard water and may worsen the issue.

As part of an immune recovery plan I eliminated foods high in Vitamin C – as per the idea by the MD author that they cause inflammation in the body.  I have never been so sick in my life – not even with the EMF Sensitivity.  Vitamin C helps keep excess calcium in check.  I put the foods back.

If you take supplemental calcium and/or eat and drink foods/beverages fortified with calcium and/or vitamin D, you will face health challenges.

If you take birth control pills or did in the past you are particularly at risk.  I believe this is because – in order to prevent women from losing bone mass – some part of the formulations messed with calcium levels either through supplemental calcium in the product or in some other way bringing everything out of balance.  This has a devastating effect and sets women up for autoimmune diseases starting in their mid-30s.  The risk goes up exponentially if they are exposed to environmental factors that exacerbate the issue, including what they are exposed to where they live.

It isn’t easy but it can be done.

Hope this helps.



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