GMFs and the Living Noise

20141019_045622_4096_0131I woke around 4:15 am Pacific Coast Time with a very loud, incredibly high-pitched ringing in my ears.  At first, I thought we were about to have an earthquake, and judging by the pitch and volume, it was going to be a big one.

I’ve been able to predict earthquakes from symptoms, including audio tones, for years.

The sound made me nauseous.

Another potential earthquake symptom.

It was dominant in my right ear and very uncomfortable.  I rolled from side to side, then went on my back and blocked my ears hoping to determine if the sound was coming from inside or out.


Given my recent efforts to address a potassium deficiency, I wondered if I’d screwed something up.

Sometimes taking a large dose of magnesium can cause ringing until the body is able to metabolize it.  Thing was, I hadn’t taken any magnesium.

Trying not to panic at the thought of permanent nerve damage – from what I didn’t know – I meditated.

I was hoping to get to the point I could just fall back to sleep, very difficult when contemplating the possibility of that awful noise in my ear for the rest of my life.  Such are the thoughts that go through your head at 4:30 am.

After twenty minutes the sound reduced in volume, but not pitch.

What a relief!  No more nausea.

After twenty minutes more, it was gone.


Something Familiar.  There is one other time I heard something similar.  Years back, while living in San Diego, I woke in the middle of the night to a similar sound, though the volume wasn’t as loud.  At the time, I thought I was hearing something from the nearby Coronado Naval Base.

As I was about to publish Riding the Waves: Diagnosing, Treating, and Living with EMF Sensitivity, I determined I’m able to hear electromagnetic frequencies.  Apparently, I can hear geomagnetic ones as well.

I didn’t think about it again until I noticed something very strange in my neck of the woods.

Is that a bat?  I heard the little guy before I saw him.  At first I thought I was seeing things but no – that was definitely a bat flying back and forth between two large trees – in the daytime no less – squeaking the entire time.

I did a bit of research, found a site with Q & A, saw that not all bats that come out in the day are rabid or sick.

The bat continued flying at rapid speed in a direct line back and forth between the two trees, squeaking the entire time.  After about 20 – 30 minutes, he began flying in a circular pattern between the trees, being sure to keep beneath their canopy, always squeaking.  Then he landed and began walking up the tree bark.


Is it a bird?  Out of nowhere, several very large birds began dive bombing and flying in a very aggressive pattern though they stayed clear of the bat.  Even stranger, they weren’t hunting anything.


Who’s that knocking on the window?  The next thing I know one of the birds is ramming into the window – apparently confused.

No – not seeing its own reflection.  We’ve had that, too.  This was unique.

Several other birds flew and landed nearby – in a manner that suggested they were upset or disoriented.  It suddenly dawned on me.  We’ve had a significant solar storm in our area within the past days.  It made complete sense the bats and birds would be affected by a shift in geomagnetic radiation.

GMFs EMFs – it’s all noise!  My observation of these poor critters made me wonder.  I went out to Youtube and found a recording that closely matched the high pitch that woke me up.

Just nasty.

As I am writing this, yet another bird swooped and began to walk up the tree.  He also appears disoriented.  These guys really appear to be suffering, as if trying to get away from it.

What’s with walking up the tree bark?

I’ve also heard the larger mammals making a tremendous amount of noise close by.  They are typically asleep at this time.

While I feel bad for the critters – I’m happy to have an explanation.  Definitely not nerve damage.



2 thoughts on “GMFs and the Living Noise”

  1. Regarding your high-pitched noise and the bird/bat thing…Broad satellite blasts. First the high pitched sound. Then usually physical symptoms unless you clear it. It definitely disrupts your own magnetic field. Alos meant to reply earlier that any time you take iodine, you will deplete your potassium levels. Just supplement with potassium when you take iodine. ~Cynthia

    1. Cynthia: Thank you for the comments. Interesting about iodine as it can push down chlorine which is another electrolyte. I’m finding keeping them in balance a challenge. I am not currently supplementing with iodine though I have in the past so I will definitely keep this in mind. Thank you!

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