Back Pain Cause – Following a Trail of Bread Crumbs

Turmeric RootsUnfortunately, (or perhaps fortunately) I have stumbled upon the root cause of pain and inflammation associated with rheumatic arthritis.

It’s a unique pain but once you’ve experienced it, you never ever forget, even if it’s been 13 years.

In doing so, however, I came to understand the cure as well as the reason certain natural remedies work.

Disease or Deficiency?  During the journey of recovery from EMF Sensitivity, I came to see that many of the conditions we (er – doctors – er – pharmaceutical companies) define as diseases are actually conditions present only when there are severe nutritional imbalances.  Treat the imbalance and the symptoms disappear – never to return again unless the imbalance returns.  So – it isn’t a disease – it’s an imbalance.

This is why so many autoimmune recovery books written by MDs are focused on restoring nutritional balance through diet and nutritional supplements.

Complexity Complicates.  The relationship between certain nutrients introduces incredible complexity, making it difficult to rebalance without risking yanking something else out.  This is what happened to me and ultimately landed me here, dealing with intense lower back pain.

How it all started.  It all started because I ate too much pineapple.  For several weeks, I had pineapple a couple of times a day.  Eventually, my system accumulated too mucb bromelain.  This led to an issue – an issue I was trying to address with a quick hit (meaning only taking for a few weeks) of DHEA.

I had not had to take DHEA for years.

At the same time, I had more grains than I normally do.  This lowered my vitamin D which screwed with my calcium levels.

I had been trying to bring the excess down for months.

Excess calcium is responsible for symptoms of arthritis, Alzheimer’s arteriosclerosis, and a host of other diseases.

Well, unbeknownst to me, DHEA depleted my body of potassium.  I learned while researching Riding the Waves: Diagnosing, Treating, and Living with EMF Sensitivity, that potassium deficiency is at the root of many of the symptoms of EMF Sensitivity.  Replenish potassium and the symptoms disappear – no more EMF Sensitivity.

There’s more to it because other minerals and metals are involved, but we’re discussing potassium here.

What happened?  The lower back pain that came on suddenly was pretty awful.

I couldn’t even touch my skin let alone massage sore muscles.

I was baffled because this is something I had not felt since February 1994.  I immediately set to work trying to figure out what happened so I could fix it.  It took me 3 weeks to figure out the pain is caused by low potassium.

Trail of breadcrumbs.  I had to do a comparative analysis spanning

  • The first time I felt the back pain – on a business trip to Tempe, AZ
  • Living in the East Bay, CA
  • Living in Scottsdale, AZ
  • Recent moves

The commonality was high calcium (hard) water.

Calcium drives down my potassium stores.

Cure.  The cure – replenish potassium stores.

I immediately quit taking the DHEA once the pain started because I knew it was related.

Remedy.  A popular remedy, turmeric, works, I believe, because it is a significant source of potassium.

Another apparent remedy – and one I’ve written about in both Riding the Waves and elsewhere on this website – margaritas.

It has to do with the tequila.

Margaritas, or perhaps tequila, help the body get rid of the excess calcium which is responsible for the pain.

Champagne does this, too.  Red wine makes it much worse, because the tannins – basically phytic acid – deplete the body of vitamin D and allows excess calcium.  White?  Neutral.

Coffee, another source of potassium, helps, but espresso is better.  Regular coffee has phytic acid which pushes down vitamin D.  Espresso does not.

?  I said low potassium is the cause and now I say high calcium?  Well, yes.  They are one in the same.

Calcium drives down potassium. 

So – to cure rheumatic arthritis and get rid of the pain and inflammation, restore your potassium levels.

Turmeric will help you do this as will margaritas and champagne.

Back to diet.  Calcium rich foods will make things worse.

Dark green leafy vegetables, bananas – which are also a source of potassium, and dairy will make it worse – because of the calcium.  Remember – low potassium and high calcium are the root cause.  High calcium will keep your potassium levels low – not good.

Grains, beans, and legumes will make things much much worse.  The phytic acid in them will drive down Vitamin D which allows calcium to rise which pushes potassium down.

See a pattern?

What about magnesium?  Once again, the relationship between these nutrients is complicated.  For me, the magnesium oxide actually made the pain much worse.  Hard to say exactly why but I quit taking it and focused solely on taking potassium supplements.

Thorne Industries potassium citrate and Nature’s Bounty Potassium Glucinate (both 99mg each). 

After popping two of the potassium citrate the pain was cut by 2/3.

I take both types – and have good luck.

As for turmeric?  I got some turmeric root at the grocery store and made it into tea – pain disappeared instantly.

Two cups of dandelion root tea also offered relief.

Pain coming back?  It will take awhile for my potassium stores to be replenished to the point the pain will remain gone.  After that, provided my potassium stores don’t go too low again, I should be free of this pain for the rest of my life.

The trick is recognizing when something is pushing your levels low.

EMF Sensitivity?  Incidentally, I figured out the potassium connection because the pain was present only when I was around – EMFS!!!!  This is because calcium is an electromagnetic conductor.

Which is why people with rheumatism and scars and arthritis feel pain before storms which bring atmospheric EMFs.

I experienced zero EMF Sensitivity symptoms.  I had no other symptoms of anything besides the lower back pain, which disappeared when I restored the potassium levels.

As complex as it seems, it is actually incredibly straight forward.


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