Calcium – The Old Man Mineral

movingday.4cdd43ca-2851-4715-bbf9-41eb91019cb8Life is like riding a bicycle.  To keep your balance, you must keep moving.   – Albert Einstein

Nothing teaches like experience.  Moving is stressful.  It is disruptive.  It’s also incredibly educational.

Living in different parts of the country enabled me to understand the impact of environment on human health.

 My personal experience has shown that, by far, drinking water has the quickest and most significant impact.

 What’s in that water?  While heavy metals such as lead, mercury, and excess copper are known to wreak havoc with human health, they are not the only materials in drinking water that can cause problems.

Metal or mineral?  Classified as minerals and touted as elixirs of good health, some materials are overlooked, in spite of the fact they can have a devastating impact on human health.

Too much of a good thing.  Minerals are necessary for good health.  However, everyone’s needs are unique.  Too many people rely on the RDA or the recommendations of someone else to tell them what and how much they need.

No one knows your body like you do.

Hard water.  I have only recently come to understand the terrible impact of too much calcium on human health.  Depending where it builds up, calcification can cause serious problems:

  • Eyesight (blurred vision, poor color perception, poor light absorption)
  • Hearing (narrowing of range perceived, hearing loss – as in going deaf)
  • Memory loss/symptoms of Alzheimer’s
  • Symptoms of autism, speech delay
  • Yellowing and softening of teeth, increase in cavities
  • Yellow eye tooth
  • Arthritis in gum tissues
  • Severe gum swelling/bleeding
  • Yellow nails
  • White spots on nails (calcification)
  • Symptoms that mimic what is classified as nail fungus but are not
  • Joint and muscle pain
  • Joint and muscle stiffness
  • Calcium is an EMF conductor and will result in pain at locations of scar tissue and buildup when exposed to ultra-low and very low EMFs.
  • Skin tags/moles
  • Skin problems – purple markings that resemble bruising – no itch or discomfort
  • Anger (worse in presence of ultra-low and very low EMFs)
  • Despair (worse in presence of ultra-low and very low EMFs)
  • Old person syndrome (you feel soooooo old and as if your best years are behind you)
  • Curly hair straightening, knotting
  • Hair becoming rat’s nest dry
  • Hair turning almost black when you are a natural blonde
  • Dry skin and severely chapped lips and bottom of feet
  • Pseudo-gout in bottom of feet

Thank God, I was able to reverse the damage.

Everyone in my family was affected, though in different ways.

By reducing the excess calcium:

  • Improved eyesight (need less light to read, can read smaller print, improved color perception)
  • Improved hearing (expansion in range of frequencies heard, reversal of deafness)
  • Hair lightens to natural color
  • Curly hair becomes curly again, no more knots, no more dry
  • Teeth whiten, no more cavities
  • Skin softens, no longer dry or chappted
  • Moles and skin tags shrink and disappear
  • Scar tissue shrinks and disappears
  • Nails return to normal color and texture (they don’t have to grow out normal – they revert to normal texture and color as the excess calcium is eliminated)
  • Memory issues resolve
  • Elimination of symptoms of autism, normal learning restored
  • Joint and muscle pain and stiffness eliminated
  • No more pseudo-gout pain
  • Restored optimism and calm

Plants.  It isn’t just human health that is affected.  Plants watered with high calcium water will have slower growth, failure to thrive

That isn’t blood.  We had an aloe vera plant with gel that turned red when cut.

It looked like blood – totally creepy. 

I’d never seen it before and research revealed “No one knows why some aloe vera gel turns red”.  I do.  Hard water.

When we moved to an area where the water is not hard, the gel no longer turned red.

Same plant, different water.

Our other plants, which were looking pretty sad, improved dramatically.

Going going gone.  I have taken a variety of steps to reduce the excess calcium.

  • Baking soda therapy
  • Magnesium supplementation (transdermal and oral supplement)
  • New water source
  • Eliminate dairy
  • Eliminate supplemental vitamin D
  • Drinking champagne

Supplemental vitamin D worsened the symptoms.   There is no substitute for the real thing – sunlight on skin. 

As it is winter, I installed full spectrum lighting.  It takes approximately ten days’ exposure to get things going in the right direction.

A Young Old Man/Woman/Child.  I refer to calcium as the old man mineral for a reason.  While living in AZ, symptoms had me believing a family member had early onset Alzheimer’s.  Moving to a different water source eliminated all the issues.  We moved again and didn’t realize we had high calcium water.  Symptoms began to return after 8 months.  Fortunately, we moved to an area without hard water.  Symptoms were eliminated within weeks, have stayed gone.

Rheumatoid Arthritis.  I was able to determine that AZ water was directly responsible for my rheumatoid arthritis, two times, 19 years apart.

To Eliminate or Not To Eliminate.  Detoxing from excess calcium is no picnic.  In fact, given what we have gone through I can honeslty say that in some cases, it’s probably better for people to stay sick with what they have.  Though health can be restored, the stress and trauma associated with the detoxification process is, at times, just plain horrendous.

Knowing the cause – the excess calcium being flushed into your system to be eliminated – is not enough to diminish the absolute hell you go through.

It’s a brutal process and when multiple family members are detoxing, it’s that much more difficult.

Equal Opportunity Hell.  Excess calcium affects everyone.  It doesn’t matter if you are male or female, a child or an adult.

Women who have taken birth control pills will have it worse.  An explanation of why is beyond the scope of this article.

EMF Sensitivity or Not.  My issues with excess calcium are separate from those associated with EMF Sensitivity.

Copper and mercury, along with nickel, cadmium, and other heavy metals I was exposed to while living in the SF Bay Area are associated with EMF Sensitivity symptoms.

Calcium is a metal and will conduct/attract ultra-low and very low EMFs, resulting in symptoms where there is calcium build-up, such as with scar tissue.

  • headaches, including migraines
  • pain

IV Chelation therapy. IV chelation therapy has been successfully used for decades in various locations as an alternative to open heart surgery.  It reduces arterial plaque build-up (calcification) on artery walls.  This same therapy can be used to accelerate the healing process for other symptoms associated with excess calcium.  The Myers Cocktail in particular is a powerful healing tool.

Magnesium and vitamin C.

Interestingly, it is used at a Dallas Center for EMF Sensitivity to help treat that ailment.

General Recommendations for reducing excess calcium.  These are suggestions only.  This is what worked for me and my family.

Work with a health professional if you need to and be sure to adjust treatment as appropriate for age (my kids did NOT drink champagne).

  • Do not take calcium supplements
  • Eliminate any food or beverage fortified with calcium or vitamin D
  • Do not take supplemental vitamin D
  • Use full-spectrum lighting
  • Reduce intake of grains as they interfere with the body’s absorption of important nutrients that play a role in regulating calcium in the body
  • Consider iodine supplementation as the thyroid plays a crucial role in regulating calcium in the blood.  (We used one drop of Lugol’s 5% though I used two).
  • Stop supplements when you no longer need them
  • Champagne helped while beer and red wine made things worse (White wine is neutral).

FYI.  Read the work of Dr. Carolyn Dean and Dr. Mark Sircus. 

Both have numerous books and articles that provide excellent information.

That’s All Folks.  It’s scary to watch people you love suffer.

It never occurred to me that the culprit for some of the most terrifying symptoms was excess calcium resulting from drinking hard water. 

To say I am relieved to have finally cracked the case would be an understatement.

Remember!  Substances found in our drinking water have a profound effect on our health and our lives.

Even the ones that are supposed to help us.

I sincerely hope that this information will  be helpful to others.

Be well!

** Technically, it is exposure to UV rays on skin that results in vitamin D production.  UV rays pass through clouds so you just need to be outside – WITHOUT sunblock.  Sounds counterintuitive but it’s true – if you block the rays you block the ability to produce your own Vitamin D.  The full spectrum lighting appears to mimic the exposure but it takes about ten days of exposure before things start turning in the right direction.  Even then, it isn’t as good as the real thing – Mother Nature.


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