Too Much Calcium – Additional Information

dairy-cow1As I wrote previously, I suffered several health issues after living in an area with hard water that was excessively high in calcium and highly corrosive.  I wanted to share additional information and clarify a few things.

I wrote of the negative effect of too much calcium on my teeth and gums, my hair and nails.  This is not related to the EMF Sensitivity, nor is excess calcium responsible for EMF Sensitivity symptoms.

As such, I’m not sure drinking baking soda and water would have been beneficial for EMF Sensitivity.  I don’t know how effective it is at removing heavy metals such as cadmium, mercury, excess copper, nickel, and others that was I exposed to while living in California.

I did read that US soldiers were given baking soda and water after being exposed to depleted uranium.

The protocol I designed and followed worked beautifully for the EMF Sensitivity.

And safely removed the heavy metals.

Dental Health.  Prior to moving to Scottsdale, my dental health was excellent, my teeth white.

Tooth enamel turning yellow.  Though all of my teeth were yellowed due to the hard water, the worst affected was an eyetooth.  After I moved to San Diego, over time, my teeth whitened.

It took 9 months during which time I was doing nothing other than taking the ConcenTrace Trace Minerals and a few vitamins.  I hadn’t yet started the protocol.

I visited Scottsdale for two days.  After twenty-four hours, my eyetooth had turned yellow again.

I was angry, frustrated, and disheartened.

It took until this past month, after we moved away from the area with high calcium water, to whiten it again.

 Even though I drank baking soda and water, the yellow stayed a problem  because the drinking water where we were living was high in calcium.

Tooth pitting.  I never had any pitting in my tooth enamel prior to Scottsdale.  Although I was again living in an area with high calcium water, I did experience some remineralizing after using magnesium chloride to brush my teeth.  It wasn’t until dirnking baking soda and water that the problem completely resolved, within a matter of days.

Gums. Prior to moving to Scottsdale, my gum health was excellent.  No problems.  No bleeding, swelling, or pain in my gums and the only recession I had was on a back tooth where the gum was damaged from braces. Two years in Scottsdale did severe damage to my gums and teeth.  However, after moving to San Diego, everything began healing, albeit slowly.

Then we moved to the area with hard water and within three months, my gums were in terrible shape.  It was a nightmare and though I managed to make some slight progress through my own protocol, and a little bit more when I began brushing my teeth with magnesium chloride, I still had major issues.

 Two dentists and a doctor were unable to tell me what was wrong.  I knew it was environmental.

After moving away from the hard water my gums began to heal at a moderate pace.  Within days of drinking the baking soda and water, all the swelling had gone down and the pain and bleeding stopped.

There has been slight improvement in the recession.  I would like to see more.

Hair.  When I moved to Scottsdale, my hair was in great shape.  Though I highlighted my hair,  it is naturally honey blonde/light golden brown with red throughout.  It’s also very curly.

When I took birth control pills, my curly hair went poker straight.  When I quit taking them, the curl returned.

 Within two years of living with that hard water, my hair was rat’s nest dry and the curl had come out.  We moved to San Diego and the hair recovered.

It took months.

Within 3 months of moving to the area with hard water, my hair had turned a brown so dark it was basically black.  Within 9 months the curl was gone and the hair was again dried out.

I was so frustrated.  I could not understand what had happened!

Within two months of being away from the hard water the hair began lightening, accelerating after drinking the baking soda and water.

It’s still lightening, I can again see red ,and the curl has come back.

 Skin.  Skin gets terribly dry and chaps badly when there is an excess of calcium.

The flaking is nasty.  It’s also itchy.

All the moisturizer in the world will not help when calcium crystals are the source of the problem.  After moving away from high calcium water, even without moisturizer, the skin softens and the chapping disappears entirely.

No more flaking and no more itching.

 The two toenails.  Before the more recent move to an area with hard water, only one toenail had been affected and that nail was returning to normal, albeit very slowly, after moving to San Diego where the water was not high in calcium.

After the more recent move to an area with high calcium water, two toenails were affected.

I did not understand what was going on but I was very upset.

After moving again and having the new water source, my nails began to normalize at a moderate pace.  When I began to drink the baking soda and water daily, the color went back to normal within days.  After a week, the peeling stopped and the texture normalized.

They did not start growing out normal, they literally reverted to normal over a period of days.

They began to grow fast.

As toenails typically grow slower, it was something to actually be able to notice and measure growth!  Obviously, the excess calcium had slowed their growth.

Champagne:  As I wrote, drinking champagne was removing the yellow in my toenails, though slowly.  I didn’t like drinking champagne daily and in any case, we had hard water, so I don’t think I would have been able to resolve the issue.  Here?  baking soda is much better!

Psuedo-Gout?  Within 8 months of the more recent move back to hard water, I developed a pain in the bottom of my foot.  It basically felt like a rock or something had gotten beneath the skin.

I think some people call this pseudo-gout.

The condition continued to come and go, without any obvious cause, until after I started drinking the baking soda and water.  Within 18 hours the pain and swelling was completely gone.

Paralysis?  A brain hemorrhage over thirty years ago left me paralyzed on my left side and though I recovered, I had a part of my left foot and leg that I could not feel.  Within a week of drinking the baking soda and water, I felt pain on the bottom of my left foot.

There was still numbness on the top of the foot and on the leg.

Within two weeks of the baking soda regimen almost all feeling had returned.

Last night I analyzed the pain.  It felt prickly, like a lot of needles were pressing into my skin.  I suspect is’ like when a foot is asleep and it’s waking up again.  I’m not thrilled with the pain which has since subsided but I like that I can feel again.

House Plants.  House plants are a good indicator of what’s going on with the water.

  • When we lived in San Diego, all of our houseplants died suddenly. It chilled my blood.  I knew it was the water though in that case, excess copper, mercury, and other heavy metals were the issue.
  • While living in San Diego, there was an AC rupture in the building. Water flooded several units, common areas, and balconies, including a very small section of ours.  Our plants were located there.  The staff kept assuring residents the water was not harmful or toxic, in spite of the fact it smelled strongly of chemicals – especially ammonia.  Within three hours of being doused, our plants turned brown, then black, then were dead.
  • When we lived in Scottsdale, with the hard water, it was near impossible to grow any houseplants.  Several died.

In Colorado, we had great success growing houseplants, even with the long cold winters.

  • When we lived most recently where the water was high in calcium, our houseplants’ growth was anemic. After we moved away, they began to grow like crazy.

Same plants, different water.

Here is a great article that validated my own thoughts and observations.

I didn’t dispute low vitamin D – I disputed the WHY of it.  Our bodies create vitamin D – A HORMONE – after exposure to UV rays.  Not sunlight – UV rays, which penetrate clouds.  People have lived in cloudy northern latitudes for centuries.  Low vitamin D is a fairly recent phenomenon.  There is more to the story!!!!


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