Calcium – Too Much of a Good Thing?

margaritas-on-the-beachWhen you’re suffering debilitating health symptoms, you’re in survival mode.  You may be gathering data but you rarely have time to analyze it.  Now that I’m no longer suffering?  I can analyze!

And what I’ve learned is heartening and disillusioning both.

Two Different Conditions.  I suffered from both EMF Sensitivity and Rheumatic Arthritis, two conditions, one root cause.  Well, sort of.

One Cure.  As I outline in my book Wipeout EMF Sensitivity:  The Challenge of Curing Autoimmune Disease, I used nutritional balancing to cure both conditions.

In a nutshell, it was out with the bad, in with the depleted good.  Of the two, it’s far more important to remove the bad.

Going Going Gone – Wait a Minute!!!  After a year on my protocol I was able to say good-bye to EMF Sensitivity.  My RA was sort of going but I still had some work to do.  After twenty months on the protocol I was good to go.  Sort of.

I had some mop up issues.  These were relatively minor compared to what I’d been dealing with but still troublesome, and I was irritated and concerned the protocol didn’t seem to be addressing the issues. 

Detective Work.  I was truly puzzled by the symptoms because for all intents and purposes, prior to moving to a new location, I was well on my way to total recovery.  What happened?

The symptoms were not related to either of the autoimmune conditions I was dealing with which made it even more challenging to determine what the hell had happened! 

Long Story Short.   The hard water, high in calcium, that I drank and showered and cooked with in Scottsdale, Arizona was 100% completely responsible for a return of the RA symptoms after 19 years, along with

  • Swollen, bleeding, receding gums
  • Yellow teeth (ESPECIALLY a yellow eye tooth!)
  • Pitted teeth
  • Itchy gritty eyes
  • Itchy nose – not runny
  • Blurred vision
  • Stiffness and joint pain
  • 2 toenails that turned yellow and then flaked and could have been the poster child for a liver destroying pharmaceutical treatment
  • Fingernails that began to soften and split and slowed in growth
  • Naturally curly hair that went straight and dried out badly
  • Slow hair growth
  • Hair that turned from blonde to almost black
  • Rough, dry skin and severely chapped lips
  • Racy mind, inability to sleep

Here’s the kicker.  Before moving to AZ?  I was fine!  My dental health was EXC ELLENT!  I had NO JOINT PAIN!  My EMF Sensitivity was all but gone.  I was recovering.

Hard Water is Hell – on Everything!  I spoke to someone about the water that was destroying our cookware and glasses, not to mention the appliances.

I said “If the water is doing that to our glassware, can you imagine what it’s doing to our insides?”

The guy explained that in the interest of improving the environment, the AZ government had decided to remove phosphates from the water.  The detergent companies had done the same.  Now the water was incredibly corrosive and was actually causing the water/sewage infrastructure in the Phoenix- Scottsdale area to deteriorate at 2 and 3 times the rate it was before.

It’s pretty well known what can happen when you don’t treat water with anti-corrosion substances.

Calcium, not Lead.  The hard water, high in calcium, wreaked total havoc with my health.

In a nutshell, the excess calcium crystalized in my soft tissues, causing trouble, to put it mildly.

We moved to San Diego where most of the odd symptoms began to improve – though ever so slowly.  We moved again to an area that had hard water – unbeknownst to me – and the dental and nail symptoms returned.

I tested the water for heavy metals – never bothered to check for high calcium because it didn’t taste like hard water, didn’t look cloudy or wreak havoc with the dishes and shower glass like AZ water.

We moved yet again – different water – and all the symptoms began disappearing – rapidly.

  • The toenails went normal in color then texture then began growing normally and quickly
  • My fingernails hardened and began growing very quickly
  • My hair lightened in color and became curly again
  • My skin is no longer dry, my lips no longer chapped – without any moisturizer
  • Absolutely no joint pain or stiffness
  • My teeth are once again white and the pit filled in
  • My gums no longer bleed, nor are they swollen (they are still receded but I have high hopes for them)
  • I feel soooooo much younger than I did previously
  • My eyesight has improved dramatically (no more blurry vision)
  • No more itchy nose or gritty eyes
  • I’m sleeping peacefully

A Family Affair.  Needless to say, I was not the only one affected by the high calcium water.  My family has also recovered fully.

Lessons.  Rather than going into the specifics of how I tested this and analyzed it, I’m simply going to share what I’ve learned.  I sincerely hope that others who suffer mysterious symptoms, who have tried everything, will find this information useful.

Get a hair mineral analysis!!!!!

  • Calcium crystals make up scar tissue
  • Calcium crystals (scar tissue) are EMF conductors! You WILL have pain when exposed to EMFs – think Granny Clampett and her rheumatism!
  • Magnesium will help – but too slowly
  • Champagne will help – but too slowly
  • Red wine doesn’t help and may exacerbate the issue
  • Beer is the worst and should be avoided until you get the situation under control (IPAs were the absolute worst which is a bummer as I like IPAs)
  • Tequila is an excellent DEFENSE (see below)
  • Baking soda is a miracle and will sweep the excess calcium crystals from the body
  • Baking soda dissolves and shrinks scar tissue (my personal experience)

Pass the Tequila!  I wrote in Riding the Waves: Diagnosing, Treating, and Living with EMF Sensitivity that I was completely puzzled by my craving for margaritas and red wine.

I have never been a fan of foo-foo drinks!

When we moved to Fort Collins, the cravings disappeared and I began to recover, pretty rapidly.  We moved to Scottsdale, my heath took a major turn south, and I began craving margaritas!

Not red wine – just margaritas.

We moved to San Diego and I no longer craved margaritas OR red wine.  We moved to the place with hard water and – yep – I wanted margaritas.

Trust me, this got my attention – big time!

We moved away from hard water and no more margaritas.

Well, I think those margaritas saved my life.  I have seen research that showed tequila is good for bone health and preventing osteoporosis.

I believe too much calcium CAUSES osteoporosis, as well as arthritis, and hardening of the arteries in both the heart and the brain. 

It’s probably no coincidence that Hispanics have lower than average incidence of a variety of diseases, even when they live in areas where high percentages of the population suffer from them.

The Baking Soda Miracle.  I had been experimenting with drinking baking soda for an entirely different reason.  I was pleasantly surprised to find that all the symptoms began disappearing, very quickly.

I drink ¼ tsp of Arm & Hammer baking soda in a glass of about 7 ounces of water, 2 to 3 times a day.  I drink it on an empty stomach at least 30 minutes before eating, and once before bed.

I suspect that excess calcium plays a SIGNIFICANT role in psoriasis arthritis.  It is worth noting that those who suffer from psoriasis often find great relief after soaking in a tub of baking soda and water.

Soaking toenails in baking soda resolves many issues associated with toenail fungus

 Which are, I believe, really caused by excess  calcium crystals wreaking havoc.

Calcium, Too Much of a Good Thing?  I have never taken calcium supplements.

Suspicious by nature, I don’t buy it when the medical industry starts peddling supplements.  Humanity got this far without them.  If we need them?  Something’s wrong.

If you consider that the longest lived peoples in the world do not rely on supplements and have none of the diseases plaguing western nations, you start to go hmmmm.

I did experiment with calcium supplements while developing my protocol.  They caused a feeling in my foot that was similar to purring.  It was awful.

Probably no coincidence, the location was where I had scar tissue.

I quit the calcium and the feeling went away.  I suspect those poor individuals in the SF Bay Area who feel like there are bugs crawling beneath their skin are dealing with an excess calcium issue.  It is NOT in their heads!

Vitamin D!  Vitamin D causes the body to absorb more calcium.  This probably explains why I got so sick every time I tried vitamin D supplements.

Which are supposed to help people with autoimmune conditions.

It’s in EVERYTHING!  It’s almost impossible to find dairy that doesn’t have additional calcium and vitamin D added

Probably why so many people can no longer tolerate dairy.

I had to give up lattes and cappuccinos, though regular coffee is totally fine.

I can tolerate organic dairy products because they don’t add extra calcium and/or vitamin D.

Stroke and Paralysis victims, take note!  My entire left side was paralyzed when I was a child due to a brain hemorrhage and though I experienced a remarkable recovery, there were parts of my left foot that had little or no feeling.  After two weeks on the baking soda therapy the feeling returned.

And a limp I’d lived with for thirty plus years all but vanished.

Would the Real Story PLEASE Stand Up!  It is disheartening to think that no dentist was able to point out that it was excess calcium that was causing my tooth and gum problems, though they did offer to give me expensive treatments that were relatively new.

I also got lectured repeatedly by hygienists about not flossing enough and having poor dental hygiene which was a crock!  My diet and dental routine were the same.  The only thing that changed was that I’d moved ot an area with high calcium water!

I also had a doctor look at my gums.  She was baffled, too.

She also told me that intestinal health had nothing to do with my gums.  Um – gut flora anyone?

 I’m left with two options – they don’t know or they are withholding the truth.

I’m not sure which is worse.

 I’m just ever so grateful I stumbled on the truth – and the baking soda miracle!

 Thank you, Dr. Sircus!!!!

Regime?  What Regime?  This is a new thing.  I recently replied to a comment on my blog that I didn’t have a regime.  Well, I do now, but as with all of the therapies I’ve followed, once the symptoms are gone, I will cease.

I have always held the philosophy that little to no medications or supplements was a good thing.  I rely on food and beverages, only adding homeopathics, herbs, and supplements when necessary, and ceasing when I’ve restored balance.

Timing.  So, what can I tell you about the timing?

  • After 9 months of high calcium hard water I had joint pain and stiffness and had to quit my workout
  • After 22 months of drinking the water my RA came back – after 19 years gone
  • Moving to an area without hard water helped and the protocol helped more but – we moved again – to an area WITH hard water anddddd…
  • After three months on hard water my hair turned black, my nails and teeth turned yellow, and my skin and hair dried out
  • After 8 months on the calcium water lower back pain returned
  • We moved and THANK GOD no more hard water. After one month, the symptoms began reversing significantly – and quickly…
  • After three weeks on baking soda water the symptoms are almost entirely gone

If you decide to try the baking soda protocol, I suggest working with your doctor going forward.

Get a hair mineral analysis!!!

I also suggest looking into the work of Dr. Sircus and his baking soda therapy, as well as Dr. Carolyn Dean and her Magnesium Miracle work.  Both publish numerous articles filled with information you and your doctor can take advantage of!

I wish you good health and a full recovery!  And think about celebrating Cinco de Mayo!


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