Unraveling a Migraine Mystery

pouring-red-wineThough some people in my family suffered migraines, I never had an issue with headaches (or migraines) until…

When I was 10, I had brain surgery during which a titanium clip was inserted to treat a brain hemorrhage.  My recovery, though traumatic, was relatively uneventful.

I had one headache while still in the hospital.  They gave me Tylenol and the headache disappeared.

Everything Was Fine.  I continued to recover.  We moved to the Southern US then back to Michigan a couple of years later.  That spring, I suffered my first migraine.

I remember rolling around in bed, sobbing.

Here Comes the Rain.  I continued to get migraines for no obvious reason.  A break in the case came when my maternal grandmother observed that the pain started days before a thunderstorm.

Two days, every time.

No Answers Part 1.  I asked my neurosurgeon what was happening but he had no idea.  I asked him, given that the pain was exactly where my surgery had been, if it was related somehow.  He said it was but didn’t know why or how.

Several medical tests were run to no avail.  No one could tell me why this was happening.

Tylenol didn’t help.  Excedrin cut the pain but didn’t take it away.  I had to wait for the thunderstorm to break.

The Pain Intensifies.  The thunderstorm pattern continued though the pain worsened to the point where I had to go to the ER for pain relief.

The drugs, narcotics, never took the pain.  They simply made it so I could sleep until the storm passed.  I despised the way the pain medication made me feel but nothing else came close to helping.

It got so I could set my calendar by it all.  The last weekend in April and the first weekend in May – or the days between – the height of thunderstorm season in Michigan found me in the ER, often in tears from the pain. 

I came to dread the warming weather.  As far as I was concerned, we didn’t need May flowers.

Vino Part 1.  In addition to impending thunderstorms, I came to observe another odd connection to the migraines, red wine.

I would crave red wine then wake up with a horrible migraine after having it.  

This led people around me to erroneously conclude that I was allergic to either something in the red wine or to specific red wines.  I spent years trying to understand, to no avail; there was no obvious pattern.

Drinking a certain wine would not cause an issue then suddenly, for no discernable reason, result in a migraine headache.

No Answers Part 2.  After the migraines caused me to miss work I went to the Ann Arbor Headache Clinic.  I was given a complete workup and consulted with two neurosurgeons in addition to other specialists.  The conclusion was that I had a “chemical imbalance.”

They didn’t tell me what chemicals were imbalanced or how they came to be imbalanced.

I was put on Pamelor, in spite of the fact I did not have a problem with depression.

They said many migraine sufferers found relief from this medication.

I quit taking the medication after one doseI informed the doctors that the Pamelor disrupted my life far more than the migraines did.  It made me a zombie unable to function.

I saw a sign for the I75 freeway and thought, “Oh, we can go 75 miles an hour now!” When I came into work the next day I couldn’t remember a conversation I apparently had had with a colleague.  He smiled and said, “I get it, you just weren’t here yesterday.”  Scary.  Fortunately, I connected the dots before anything serious occurred.

A Better Medication.  Fortunately, Imitrex came on the market while I was in my late 20s.  They gave that to me in the ER  one time and not only did it instantly relieve the pain, I was able to drive myself home since it was not a narcotic.

It was great to have a non-narcotic option but it still didn’t answer why I got the migraines to begin with.

Over A Quarter Century Later.   It was my work regarding EMF Sensitivity that led me to unravel the mystery of my migraines, as well as the red wine connection.

Potassium Deficiency.  Through my research I came to understand that severe potassium deficiency causes intense throbbing migraines.

The Connection.  The medication I was put on after my brain surgery, Dilantin, depletes potassium.

I was on the medication for six years.  Within two, I was suffering the awful potassium deficiency caused migraines.

Since no one told us the medication depleted potassium I never took supplements which likely would have prevented the migraines to begin with.

I can only imagine what those shots of Demerol/Vistaril did in terms of depleting valuable nutrients.

No Aspirin Needed.  I also learned that taking potassium supplements relieved the pain.  No aspirin is necessary.

A Better Medication Part 2.  Potassium performed as well as Imitrex in relieving migraines in at least one scientific study.

It was reading the study’s findings that led me to try potassium for headaches.

Vino Part 2.  I craved red wine because alcohol has an anti-inflammatory effect.  This soothed my system – initially.

The Connection.  Alcohol depletes potassium.  Low potassium caused the awful throbbing debilitating pain.

EMFs.  Thunderstorms emit ultra-low and very low electromagnetic frequencies.

These match those that are emitted by fault lines in the hours, days, and weeks before an earthquake.

The Connection.  Through my work I learned that electromagnetic frequencies, in the presence of severe potassium deficiency, will cause any site with scar tissue to become tender and painful.

Baking Soda.  I recently tried baking soda therapy.  Within days of starting the therapy I noticed that scar tissue began shrinking and disappearing altogether.

The Connection.  With no scar tissue, the electromagnetic frequencies prior to thunderstorms have no negative effect.

Interrelated.  Some may wonder if it is the absence of scar tissue and not the potassium that brought relief.  Though there is an interrelationship, they are separate.

I discovered the potassium connection years before starting the baking soda therapy.  I have also successfully treated others suffering from headaches, including throbbing headaches, with potassium for years.

Vino Part 3.  I still experience inflammation prior to a weather change.

It isn’t pain so much as feeling jumpy and overall stress.

The Connection.  I had red wine which relaxed the system.  I also took several potassium supplements to ensure I didn’t get a throbbing headache.

Cracking the Code.  I was successful!  No more red wine headaches!!!

I hope those who suffer, directly or indirectly, from migraines and throbbing headaches will find this information helpful and that they will soon be living a pain-free life.

This information would also benefit those suffering from EMF Sensitivity which includes those who feel pain in their joints before certain weather changes.  For more information on the cure, see the various resources on this website.


3 thoughts on “Unraveling a Migraine Mystery”

  1. You need to look further at 2 things.1) Mineral deficiencies are caused by glyphosates which is in Round-Up. If you eat commercial food you are getting it. It is a chemical they used to clean corroded pipes. Nice huh? It is one of the root causes of diseases in the country. If you learn to dowse, you can detect its presence quite easily. Eat 100% organic, Non-GMO food. 2) Mercury and LED lights are really bad. Use the old fashioned bulbs. Wear blue blocker glasses when using a computer that you can find on Amazon (UVEX) for around 8 dollars. Unless of course you want your eyes to degenerate and gain cataracts. And yes LEDs can cause migraines too.

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