Baking Soda Dissolves Scar Tissue



I recently elected to try baking soda therapy.  My intent was to see if I noticed a difference in my health after using baking soda to raise my body’s alkalinity.

I had tried lemon water but it’s too hard on my gums.

I noticed a number of positive effects but the one that really got my attention was what happened to scar tissue.  It dissolved!

I have two stitch sites on my head.  One I’ve had since 1979. when I had brain surgery for a hemorrhage.  The other I got in 1992 after falling off a bike

After less than a week during which I had a teaspoon of baking soda in a glass of water, once a day, I noticed that scars seemed to be shrinking.  The ones on my head?  All but gone.

Lumpy and achey.  For years, I could feel solid scar tissue when I touched either stitch site. It felt like hard bumpy tissue that in the case of the surgery site, ached when I touched it.

After a few days of baking soda, the tissue was completely flat.  All scar tissue had dissolved.

I can feel where the surgery was because they cut the bone, but all the lumpy scar tissue is gone. I can no longer feel where the bike injury was.  The skin is completely flat .  No hard scar tissue remains.

Scar Tissue and EMFs.  I’ve written that injury sites ache more in the presence of EMFs.

 Think Granny Clampett and her rheumatism that acted up when it rained.

I used to experience terrible pain at the surgery site days before a thunderstorm.

The scar tissue would burn with the pain extending down into the tooth directly below it and into my jaw.  It also burned across the sinus cavity on that side.

Once the tissue was dissolved this effect disappeared, almost entirely.

I woke up this morning with the slightest twinge at the surgery site.  This told me a change in weather was imminent.  I lay in bed and waited for it to get worse but it never did.  The twinge, which I would not describe as pain, was about the size of a pinhead right over the surgery site  There was no sensation anywhere else.

Based on a number of observations I suspect that scar tissue is made up in great part of calcium crystals.  Calcium is a metal.  Metals, to varying degrees, are conductive.  I believe the calcium crystals in scar tissue conduct EMFs, resulting in inflammation and pain.

It also slows healing as per observations by t Dr. Don Nixdorf and his team.

I did notice other health benefits of the baking soda therapy, including other scars that shrunk or disappeared.  However, it is a therapy that needs to be approached with caution.

Teeter Totter Minerals.  Sodium and potassium have a symbiotic relationship.  Too much sodium can push potassium too low and result in high blood pressure.

High blood pressure is a sign of low potassium.  Raising potassium levels naturally lowers high blood pressure. 

Low potassium can also result in a throbbing migraine.

To relieve the pain, cease the bicarbonate therapy and take potassium supplements.

Calcium – the arthritis mineral?  I have observed that calcium crystals play a significant role in arthritis, causing stiffness, pain, and inflammation.

I’m beginning to suspect that too much calcium in the body is the root cause of all arthritis.

Too much calcium also causes a pulsing sensation often associated with neuropathy.

When I stopped all calcium supplementation, the pulsing sensation ceased.  This leads me to believe that the bugs under the skin sensation some Bay Area residents have reported is somehow related to an imbalance with this mineral.

Both sodium and potassium appear to play a role in regulating calcium crystals in the body.  Since these crystals result in pain and inflammation, it is worth taking steps to ensure you have a healthy balance of these two important electrolytes.

I would not recommend using baking soda therapy for the purpose of dissolving scar tissue.  However, it may be a secondary benefit.  Just use caution and pay close attention to any changes in your health.

If you have high blood pressure, it’s probably not a good idea to try baking soda therapy.  However, you may want to work on raising your potassium levels.



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