Hangover – No Alcohol Needed (Potassium Deficiency)

nrt-01110-6At the height of my EMF Sensitivity I suffered migraines, fatigue, and fog brain; all symptoms associated with a hangover.

As I wrote in Riding the Waves: Diagnosing, Treating, and Living with EMF Sensitivity, I felt hungover but hadn’t had anything alcoholic to drink.

The migraines were awful.  No pain relievers, neither over-the-counter nor prescription, helped.

Some of them brought on a secondary migraine.

In December 2012, I began to unravel the mystery behind EMF Sensitivity.

The root cause as well  as key components to the treatment.

By December 2014, I understood the critical role potassium played in the condition.

An electrolyte, potassium, along with sodium, is responsible for fluid balance in the cells as well as electrical communication between the cells.  EMF Sensitivity is an electro-chemical issue.

Suspicions.  In 2015, while researching the cause of my EMF Sensitivity, I began to suspect potassium deficiency as the cause of the migraines.

I read an EBMUD water report.  Not good.  High copper and mercury and other contaminants that push minerals out.  I then read a UC Davis report on California water.  Not encouraging.  

After seeing great results with my protocol, I began researching the link between potassium and migraines.

I read about a study where potassium did as well as Imitrex in treating migraines.  Imitrex had been a total miracle for me at one point.  When I had EMF Sensitivity?  Nothing helped.  This is because the root cause was not being addressed and in some cases, was made worse by side effects – mineral depletion – caused by medications.

I started using liquid potassium drops instead of aspirin when my kids had a headache.  It worked beautifully.

I gave them 3 drops in a shot glass of water.  I eventually moved up to 4 as they gained weight and grew.

I no longer suffered migraines.  This is likely due to the protocol I was following which included delicious juices high in potassium.

Fast forward to October 2016.  After reading that the US military provided soldiers exposed to depleted uranium with baking soda, I decided to try this therapy.

Research turned up that my family and I were unknowingly exposed to depleted uranium thanks to what is going on at Lawrence Livermore Labs.  

When I had inquired as to what went on there I was told it was for laser development as part of the Star Wars Program.  I was never told about nuclear weapons testing or the release of associated chemicals as a result of.    Had I been, I  never would have bought a house in the East Bay.

Probably why it was never mentioned.

Immediately after trying the baking soda therapy, I noticed dramatic improvement in some of the “clean up” symptoms I am dealing with.

These are minor.  Thanks to my protocol, I no longer suffer from EMF Sensitivity or Rheumatic Arthritis.  However, it takes more than two years to rid the body of over five years’ exposure to toxins.

You Can Stop Now.  To my dismay, I got a migraine that was an exact replica of the ones I suffered not only while living in the East Bay, but when I was put on Dilantin after brain surgery decades ago.

Dilantin, like sodium, depletes potassium.  Low potassium can lead to seizures, something Dilantin is supposed to treat.  Seems kind of counterintuitive, that.

Knowing what was responsible for the awful throbbing pain, I took 2 potassium gluconate tablets.

Just the stuff pictured above which I got at the drug store.

The pain lessened significantly.  I took two additional tablets every few hours until the pain was gone.  I took no aspirin.

It took four doses of two each spread over twenty-four hours.

Works when you are sick, too.   A  few weeks ago my husband came down with a nasty virus.  He told me the worst was the throbbing headache he had.

“It’s like a hangover headache.”

I immediately gave him 2 potassium tablets.  It reduced the headache.  I had him take 2 more and continue until the pain stopped.

It only took 2 doses of 2 tablets each.

Hangover remedy?  I was able to verify that the fog brain and throbbing pain, often associated with a hangover is directly caused by potassium loss.

Alcohol depletes the body of potassium.

Potassium to the rescue.  To restore clarity of thought and eliminate the pain, try taking potassium instead of aspirin or Tylenol.

Each potassium gluconate tablet is 99mg.

It may be possible to prevent a hangover by taking potassium while drinking.

Along with plenty of water.

The RDA for potassium is high.  Given all the foods, beverages, and medications that can deplete it, it’s likely most people consuming a typical American/Western diet don’t get enough.

**  I’ve also observed that potassium keeps calcium crystal formation, associated with pseudo-gout, in check.  Sodium bicarb, either directly causes this condition or something awfully similar.  This is likely due to the fact I have been chronically low in potassium for years.  Rebuilding is like riding a see-saw but I’m getting there.


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