Earthquake Lights – Atmospheric EMFs

open-air_testing-night-9-19-12_credit-james-ewingI was watching a video of the earthquake lights that appeared during the New Zealand quake.

“It turns out that researchers still don’t fully understand the phenomenon…”

I don’t find anything mysterious about them.

They’re atmospheric EMFs.

While researching EMF Sensitivity, I observed a relationship between atmospheric and geologic EMFs.  Within a short time ** of a major quake, a storm will gather.

The larger the quake, the larger the storm.

There is an explanation for this.  In the hours and days prior to an earthquake, geologic fault lines emit ultra-low and very low electromagnetic frequencies.  These EMFs have been measured by researchers from the University of Tokyo and Stanford for decades.  NASA scientists also measure the ultra low frequencies emitted by fault lines.

I read a U of Arizona grad student’s paper in which she proposed that fissures and sinkholes emit ultra low frequencies and that by measuring them, it may be possible to determine where and when they are forming beneath the earth’s surface.

At the height of my EMF sensitivity, these frequencies left me feeling very ill.

Over time I was able to predict when and where an earthquake would happen, down to the day and hour, as well as the location, based on how sick I was feeling.  I was also able to accurately predict the magnitude.

Once the quake happens, frequency emissions go to zero.  This creates a vacuum.

Nature abhors a vacuum. 

Ultra-low and very low atmospheric electromagnetic frequencies, associated with storms and lightning, are drawn in, apparently  to fill this vacuum.

It would appear that in the presence of geologic fault lines an equilibrium must be maintained.  When a quake happens the equilibrium is disturbed.  The atmospheric EMFs restore equilibrium.

This phenomenon is consistent on a global basis, regardless of whether the quake was on land or in the ocean.

Colorado Sunshine – NOT.  Coloradoans like to brag they experience over 300 days of sunshine a year.  This is only true if you consider one hour a day of sunshine to qualify as a sunny day.

NOAA researchers, who measured this, do not.

While living there I found it to be incredibly cloudy and overcast.

Depressingly so.

Our  pediatrician said it reminded of her of when she did her residency in Illinois, it was so grey.

What gives?  

In the time we lived in Colorado, we saw fracking mushroom up and down the Front Range.

Freaking and oil exploration have been shown to cause earthquakes.  Hello, EMFs.

Lightning strikes and shearing winds are consistent after exploration wells have been dug.

Perhaps all those clouds, too.

The destruction from the shearing winds is devastating though no funnel cloud is present.

They are not tornadoes.

For more information about EMF Sensitivity visit

** Within 72 hours of the quake.




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