Magnesium Oil for gums and teeth


It seems as if not a day goes by that I don’t learn something new about the connection between nutrition and good health.

I used nutrition to heal my EMF Sensitivity and Rheumatic Arthritis.

As I work to rebuild depleted nutritional stores I continue to observe a causal relationship worth noting.  I am not interested in publishing another nonfiction book on the subject but I do feel the information can be of great value to others.  So, I’ll be publishing it on

This will be the first in a series of articles detailing my observations.

After brushing my teeth with Ancient Minerals magnesium oil I noticed that my gum recession began reversing and my teeth began to remineralize.

A pocked space in a molar began filling in again.

 I simply spray a few squirts on my toothbrush and brush my teeth and gums as normal.

There is no need to rinse though I do brush off my tongue with water.

A word of warning.  The stuff tastes nasty.

You can also spray the magnesium oil on nails to help strengthen them.


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