GMF Sensitivity – Going Going Gone


In July 2009, I discovered the debilitating health symptoms I was suffering were due to a condition known as EMF Sensitivity.

Sensitivity to Ultra Low and Very Low Electromagnetic Frequencies.

My sensitivity was not limited to technology EMFs.  I was also sensitive to GMFs.

Geomagnetic Frequencies.

I was sensitive to the ULFs and VLFs emitted by geologic fault lines.

I would get horribly sick in the hours and days prior to an earthquake.  I was eventually able to predict, based on how sick I got, what day and time the earthquake would happen, what the magnitude would be, and which fault line would produce the quake.

I was also sensitive to the ULFs and VLFs emitted by storm clouds.

Beginning two days before severe thunderstorms, I experienced awful migraines.

 In September 2014 I learned the cause of my EMF Sensitivity and figured out a way to cure it.

Details are available in Wipeout EMF Sensitivity: The Challenge of Curing Autoimmune Disease.

 Within months of implementing the healing protocol I was free of sensitivity to technology EMFs.  Interestingly, my sensitivity to GMFs seemed to diminish.

Instead of feeling ill before a quake, I would hear a ringing in my left ear.  The volume and length of time I heard the ring exactly matched the strength and duration of the earthquake.

 I continued the healing protocol.  The sensitivity to GMFs changed.

The ringing switched from my left to my right ear, then disappeared altogether.  I no longer heard ringing prior to an earthquake.

After 16 months on the protocol, I was only aware of one remaining GMF related event.

When I went over a specific fault line, I felt kind of dizzy and sick to my stomach.

After 20 months, the effect was further diminished.

My forehead felt heavy and my eyes burned with a feeling of fatigue, but no dizziness, no nausea.

After 24 months on the protocol, I was unable to determine when we went over the fault line.

I no longer experience any difficulties prior to or during weather changes.

Still, there was one remaining test.


Though I was aware of my sensitivity to the frequencies emitted by and around volcanoes, including underground volcanoes, it was difficult to test as I didn’t live near any.

I recently had the opportunity to visit an area near an active volcano.  To my utter delight, I was totally fine.  I had no sensitivity, no issues whatsoever.  What’s more, I was able to enjoy myself to the extent I forgot I was in an area that at one time would have been a difficult environment for me.

The Hum.  Knowing what I know now, I can say with a fair amount of certainty that the hum that only certain individuals are able to hear is a geomagnetic frequency.

I visited the area of the Taos Hum and yes, I heard it.  It’s pretty wild.

I believe that the individuals who hear this hum have GMF Specific EMF Sensitivity.

I write about the relationship between hearing and EMF Sensitivity in my book Riding the Waves: Diagnosing, Treating, and Living with EMF Sensitivity.

 Further, I believe if they implement the healing protocol I followed, they will not only improve their health and well-being, they will be free of the incessant noise.


2 thoughts on “GMF Sensitivity – Going Going Gone”

  1. Beautiful image of a new day or a closing day with the formation of new surface land. It is nice to hear you are getting better and better each and every day, in each and every way.

    1. Mike: As always, I appreciate you taking the time to leave a comment. Each day has also presented me with the opportunity to learn more, to understand more. I will continue to share what I learn in the hopes that others will benefit. Have a great week! Elizabeth

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