Beyond EMF Sensitivity – This Book Can Help Thousands Worldwide

sunriseBeyond EMF Sensitivity.  In the process of determining the cause and cure for EMF Sensitivity, I made a number of discoveries that can be of tremendous benefit to thousands of people, including those who do not suffer from EMF Sensitivity, worldwide.

  • Anyone suffering from any autoimmune condition can benefit from what I learned and observed.
  • Veterans, firemen, policemen, and anyone who has a high stress career or who suffers from Post -Traumatic Stress Disorder can benefit.
  • People facing mental and emotional health challenges, including depression.
  • People who want to use natural methods to heal.
  • People who want to better understand the link between nutrition and mental (and physical) health

People who know something is wrong but can’t put their finger on it.

The book will be available shortly.







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