Curing EMF Sensitivity – Upcoming Book


The following is an excerpt from my upcoming book on the mental, emotional, and spiritual challenges associated with EMF Sensitivity.  The book will explain the root cause of this condition and go into detail on how to cure it.  Yes, cure.

[ In the years since discovering I was EMF Sensitive, I worked tirelessly to understand the condition, the intention being to find a cure.  My philosophy was that I wasn’t born with EMF Sensitivity.  If I developed it, I could cure it.  The challenge was, how?

The human body is truly amazing.  It was designed to be self-healing.  We are miraculous creatures of nature that possess an uncanny ability to prevail against difficulties.  We are resilient.  I held this conviction close to my heart throughout the numerous challenges I faced on my road to recovery.

The first step in finding a cure was to understand why I’d become EMF Sensitive in the first place.

It was obvious it was environmental.  Every time I left the San Francisco Bay Area, I felt better. 

I knew geologic fault lines played a significant role in my illness but it wasn’t the whole story.

I could spend time in the greater Los Angeles area with no difficulty.

I moved to an area with lower than national average geologic activity and I did feel better.  I was recovering.  But I was also still very sick.

Due to a variety of factors, I continued moving around the Southwest United States, making the choice to move to San Diego, California in 2013.

Not only was I feeling really good, I had visited San Diego several times throughout the years before, during, and after my illness.  I never had any problems.

Three months after moving to Southern California, I was every bit as sick as I had been in the East Bay.

I was devastated.  I’d been feeling so good.  I’d been doing so well.

 In spite of this challenge, I felt invigorated.  I now had a starting place to launch an in-depth investigation that would help me finally get to the bottom of my EMF Sensitivity.

What did the East Bay, California and San Diego have in common?

What I learned in the months after my relapse not only enabled me to completely reverse my symptoms, it helped me become healthier than I was even before getting sick.

It also opened my eyes to environmental dangers I never knew about, but that are a threat to the health and well-being of me and my family.

 As I proceeded down the path to healing I continued to publish information I felt would help others, in books and via blog updates.  But I held something back.  I did not write about the psychological and spiritual impact of being EMF Sensitive.  It was just too difficult.

Read: It was too painful.

It bothered me to withhold information that could help others but I didn’t want to dredge up old history, rip open old wounds.  Then, something interesting happened.  As I recovered, the emotional and mental pain went away.

Not a coincidence.

I was free to move forward with my desire to share information I believe will help those who are trying to recover, not just from EMF Sensitivity, but from any autoimmune condition, as well as their care providers.

All autoimmune conditions, including EMF Sensitivity, have a common cause and a direct path to recovery.

Here’s what I learned… ]


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