Healing Teeth and Gums (For Real)



Beginning shortly after I moved to the East Bay* in 2000, and only when living in specific geographic locations**, I suffered symptoms of gum disease:


  • severe recession
  • bleeding
  • swelling

This was in spite of EXCELLENT dental hygiene.

I hadn’t had a cavity in over 25 years. I flossed and brushed regularly. I ate very few sweets and very little junk food.

In spite of this, I was repeatedly told I had to do a better job with my dental hygiene. Because of this misdiagnosis by dentists and hygienists, I was subjected to brutal dental cleanings.***

And condescending lectures by certain individuals who spoke to me as if I was a disobedient kindergartner.

I once got a “home made” root planning on two teeth from a dental hygienist who was particularly brutal. The dentist in this practice didn’t examine my teeth upon each visit.

I never returned.

I’ve recently come to understand what was really going on. In a phrase, Nutritional Deficiency:

  • Vitamins A, D, C, B12
  • Amino Acid l-lysine
  • Mineral magnesium

The cause of the nutritional deficiencies is directly related to environmental factors specific to where I was living.

My diet had very little to do with it outside being inadequate for overcoming environmental toxins.

My recent gum situation was due to scurvy.

I was puzzled given how many fruits high in vitamin C I had been consuming. I was not taking any supplemental vitamin C.

While figuring out what was going on I came across something very interesting. Scurvy is not caused by a lack of vitamin C, like we were taught in school. It’s actually caused by grains, and whole grains in particular.

Guinea pigs fed an exclusive oatmeal diet died of scurvy within 24 days.  Guinea pigs that had Vitamin C removed from their diet suffered no decay/ill effects.

Vitamin C inhibits the plant toxin that causes scurvy.

For more information, look into the work of Dr. Weston Price, DDS. You can also read about it in Cure Tooth Decay:  Heal and Prevent Cavities With Nutrition by Ramiel Nagel

 As I explained in a previous article, using an antibiotic mouthwash brought improvement. However, I knew it wasn’t a cure. I knew to cure the problem I needed to address the root cause. I needed to address the nutritional deficiencies.

 Through my own experiences with autoimmune conditions I’ve come to understand just how devastating nutritional deficiencies can be.

I approached my gum situation from this same perspective.

The principles of Weston Price, outlined in the book Cure Tooth Decay filled in missing pieces.

Within days of taking supplements suggested in the book my gums began recovering fully.

The book was helpful but I added other supplements based on my own knowledge and experience.

L-lysine was a hunch. I later read about its importance in gum health, its role in collagen formation, and its synergistic interaction with Vitamin C in the absorption of calcium.

I  offer the following suggestions for those who wish to try a natural approach to healing their teeth and gums.

  • Read the book Cure Tooth Decay
  • Cod liver oil (for non synthetic fat soluble vitamins A and D)
  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin B12
  • L-lysiene

NOTE: You need to do what works for you.  Your needs will differ based on any number of variables.

  • I use Ester C with flavonoids for my vitamin C.  During the acute phase I took 3000mg/day in divided doses of 500mg each. I now take a maintenance dose of 1000mg in divided doses
  • I use Solgar brand l-lysine. I take 1500 mg/day in divided doses though I may up to 2000.

 I was very disconcerted after reading the book Cure Tooth Decay.  It’s disturbing to think that in spite of what we know about the role of grains in the deterioration of tooth and gum health, their consumption is listed on the Food Pyramid (or plate, rather) as being crucial to health.

My kids’ first pediatrician talked to me about the work of Weston Price and suggested I purchase Nourishing Traditions: The Cookbook that Challenges Politically Correct Nutrition and Diet Dictocrats.   I wish I’d listened.

My copy was delivered from Amazon today.

My heart goes out to the dozens, if not hundreds, of people who practice excellent oral hygiene and yet continue to suffer. I encourage them to read the book and consider the supplements listed above. For me, it was a true miracle.

* Symptoms, including severe gum recession, started within months of moving there.  I’d enjoyed years of no problems prior to that.  Nothing changed except my location (i.e. no dietary changes and I took no medication).

** These regions include the East Bay, California, Scottsdale, AZ, and San Diego, CA.

*** I have been fortunate to have had some wonderful dentists and hygienists at various times in my life.



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