When Holistic i$nt

22404397-man-look-his-money-fly-away-Stock-Photo-moneyA couple of months back I woke in the middle of the night in pain. My gums, particularly on the right side, were totally inflamed. What was more, the gum tissue felt spongy.

I also had some sort of a sore, like a cut.

I was lucky to get in with a holistic dentist. X-rays were taken and my mouth was swabbed. Turns out bacteria overgrowth was causing the inflammation.

The dentist did an excellent job of listening as I explained my history with environmental toxicity and my road back to health through nutrition.

The gum situation was some of that mop up work I’ve written about recently.

The dentist sent me home with a WaterPik Water Flosser, some tooth tonic solution, chewable probiotics, and a list of oral hygiene practices.

While I was checking out, I was asked to schedule an appointment for two weeks’ time and handed an estimate for a root planning, to the tune of $1000.00.

This was never discussed with me prior to checkout.

I explained that I wouldn’t have a root planning if it was done for free. I was talked into one once. The dentist never explained that sometimes the gum does not bond back to the tooth surface after the procedure. I have been dealing with the consequences of that ever since.

More than once I’ve had the receptionist (not the dentist) tell me I was being scheduled for a root planing. I always vehemently decline.

It’s pathetic when, upon telling them of my experience, they look at me innocently and say, “Wow, that’s unusual,” only to admit, after further questioning, that yes, it does happen.

I was advised to come back in a month for a recheck.

I faithfully followed the regimen given to me, including watching the instruction video for using the irrigating device.

Brush and floss, chew the probiotics after each meal, use the WaterFlosser with the tooth tonic daily, and rinse with a solution of baking soda and water before bed.

On my own I began to take 1500 mg of vitamin C a day, in divided doses of 500mg each.

I also began that autoimmune diet.

I did see some improvement but I hit a plateau. Since I planned to see a doctor for a general wellness check, I rescheduled my follow up appointment. Then…

After weeks of improvement, my gums began to worsen. I’ve been through a lot in the past years so I decided to go to a type of urgent care that offers physicals and on the spot wellness checks.

The doctor was flabbergasted that the dentist had not prescribed any type of antibiotics.

Especially given the confirmation of bacterial overgrowth as cause of the inflammation.

The doctor examined my gums and identified the cut as a canker sore. She didn’t know what to think of the spongy gums but immediately wrote a prescription for an antibiotic mouthwash.

We discussed the oral care regimen I’d been advised to use. She suggested that the WaterFlosser was likely aggravating the canker sore, as was the antiseptic solution I had been using with it.

I told her I’d already stopped using the baking soda and water as it also irritated my gums.

She advised me to leave the canker sore area alone so it could heal, and to allow two weeks to see results from the antibiotic mouthwash.

I had immediate improvement. Within two hours of the first dose the pain was gone and within twenty-four hours, the canker sore was completely healed. Within days, the swelling in my gums had gone down dramatically.

All that was left was that spongy tissue thing.

Something niggled in the back of my head. A little voice kept whispering “Vitamin C, take Vitamin C.” I looked up the symptoms of Scurvy. Uh-oh…

Thank God for Ester-C. I began taking 2000 – 3000mg per day, in divided doses. Within a few days the tissue returned to normal.

No more spongy.

I began this hoopla at the end of February. I followed the holistic regimen for eight weeks before seeing the doctor. I’d like to think the dentist was interested in my recovery but I can’t help but note

  • After eight weeks on a “holistic” regimen I was still having issues
  • Within hours of using an antibiotic mouthwash that the dentist could have prescribed, I was pain free and well on my way to being fully healed
  • The mouthwash was covered by insurance
  • The stuff I was sold at the holistic dentist came to about $200 – on top of the cost of my examination and was not covered by insurance.

I did ask the dentist about antibiotics but got a noncommittal response that included a shrug.


3 thoughts on “When Holistic i$nt”

  1. I just had a similar situation, but after a round of antibiotics the gum issue…an abcess…..came back. I ended up using fermented cod liver oil…a lot of it, which I took orally along with grass fed butter…..I also did the oil pulling and sprayed my mouth with a zinc spray….my gums are now in good shape…..so watch out for the antibiotics…for me they gave me some immediate relief, but after I got off them, the abcess came back

    1. Paula: Thank you for sharing your experience and the details of how you handled it. Like you, I have incorporated cod liver oil into my healing approach. I recently purchased Cure Tooth Decay: Heal and Prevent Cavities With Nutrition by Rmaiel Nagel. His work incorporates the findings and recommendations of Dr. Weston Price, DDS. I will be writing more about this specific issue and how I have approached it in a future piece. Thank you for your information. Best wishes! Elizabeth

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