When Holistic Doesn’t Tell the Whole Story


I recently followed a 30-day diet targeted at helping reverse autoimmune conditions.

Thanks to all my hard work, I have no symptoms of any autoimmune condition. I am simply interested in continuing to strengthen my immune system. The diet seemed a good match for my objective.

Though the autoimmune book was filled with a lot of good information and delicious recipes, the diet itself was pretty restrictive.

I followed it religiously; heavy on fruits and vegetables, some grass fed beef, and wild caught fish.

After 25 days I decided to sh*t can the diet. While I definitely noticed incredible improvement in some areas, in some ways I felt awful.

I originally thought I felt so bad because I wasn’t getting enough calories [read nutrients].

As luck would have it, family was visiting from out of town. Though we ate at home for some meals, we also went to restaurants.

This provided the perfect opportunity to reintroduce foods forbidden on the diet; the perfect time to gauge of where I was in terms of health.

After eating in restaurants, I felt fantastic! I felt renewed! I felt really and truly healthy!

I felt much healthier than the recent days on the diet.

It came as a surprise and at first I wondered if it was an increase in calories. Problem was, some of the foods I was eating were purported to be harmful, to cause inflammation. Based on how I was feeling, even hours later, that didn’t mete out. I didn’t feel tired or have a return of any symptoms I’d had previously.

I was working on “mop up” symptoms. These symptoms were not related to rheumatic arthritis or EMF Sensitivity.

The visitors left and I went back, more or less, to the diet. Immediately, I started to feel sick again. Here’s the kicker. The foods were fruits and vegetables.

The diet required zero alcohol, zero caffeine, no nightshade vegetables, no sugars, no dairy, and the use of coconut oil.

After several days and lots of inflammation while on an anti inflammatory diet, I began some serious research. What I found was not only interesting, it illustrated how “holistic” practitioners, be they allopathic or not, are not always telling the whole story, and the results can be very serious.

I read in an anti-inflammatory cookbook that caffeine can cause the stomach to release its contents. The author warned this could lead to undigested food ending up in the small intestine. I remember thinking “Wow, that’s pretty serious.” I then went on to think of all the people who drink coffee while eating breakfast or who have a cup right after dinner. I thought “If this was a serious problem, you’d think we’d have heard of it by now.”

I went on to do a little more research and discovered that this phenomenon only happens to 30% of the population.** What’s more, it isn’t the caffeine that causes it to happen.

For more information, here is the article.


You see, I had noticed that when I drank coffee I experienced a reduction in the inflammation I was experiencing. This made me curious. Was coffee the bad guy that these autoimmune “experts” were saying?

One of my first litmus tests on fad philosophies is to ask how long [the philosophy] has been around compared to how long humans have been participating in an activity. We have been drinking coffee for a lonngggggg time.

So, I wasn’t surprised to find that in studies, coffee has shown to have anti-inflammatory properties.


Seeing what a positive effect coffee had in my own situation, and how bad I felt when I’d gone on a diet that cut it out, I considered that maybe the latest round of autoimmune experts don’t have the whole story.

Or they aren’t telling the whole story.

Foods that they claim need to go may actually be foods that help.

I will be writing more about this in an upcoming article.

People need to do what works for them personally, and not just blindly follow a diet or therapy that is “one size fits all.”

** I am not one of the 30%!


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