Living Cured

Denali National Park in autumn, Alaska, USA, North America

With EMF Sensitivity a memory growing more distant by the day I am able to focus on other activities, other goals.  Even though the symptoms are gone, I spend time each day on tasks that ensure my health continues to improve.

Improve from what?  

Let’s call it mop up work. One of the more startling facts I picked up from this whole experience is how many ailments are not viral or bacterial (or even fungal), but are a direct result of nutritional imbalance.

Severe mineral deficiency.

What caused the nutritional imbalance is complex and involved but the effect of symptoms as a result of the imbalance is a fact. The remedy? Balance the nutrition and the symptoms vanish.

As long as the minerals are not depleted again.

It’s difficult.

It takes more than popping a nutritional supplement or improving your diet.

You have to get rid of the toxins that keep your body from absorbing the minerals, address deficiencies, allow your body to heal, and ultimately figure out what caused the nutritional imbalance in the first place to ensure you don’t end up back where you started – sick.

But if there are no symptoms…

My EMF Sensitivity symptoms are gone and yet I continue to see evidence that my health not only needed improving, it is improving.

I had one tooth that remained yellow. As I continued to purge the toxins, it lightened and continues to whiten.

If you have a yellow eye tooth? Even if all the other teeth are white, something is seriously out of balance.

I had one toenail that could have been the poster child for an infection.

All the other nails were fine.

I never treated it or took any medications or supplements for a nail infection. I focused on my regimen of detoxing and replenishing the minerals. In time, the nail returned to normal, in color and texture.

My skin not only glows with health it reflects just how far I’ve come.

Old scars have faded and shrunk in size. Freckles have faded and disappeared. Moles and skin tags have either came off or were absorbed back into the body. They’re gone.

My nails are strong and grow at a healthy pace. My hair is soft and healthy and as curly as it was ever meant to be.

Medications and then mineral imbalances had it poker straight and at times, horribly dry.

I feel better.

Though some days are off due to my body going through the detox process, overall I feel better than I have in decades.  

I’m in shape.

In many ways I’m healthier now than I was in my early twenties.

I can’t say I feel like my old self.  I’ve been through too much.  However, I do feel lighter, as if the constant weight and difficulties heaped upon me by the illness are gone.


Which, they are.

How much longer do I have to keep at it? The short answer is until the mop up work is finished. The more realistic one? As long as I want to stay healthy.

My regimen will continue to change and become easier but I will always be vigilant. As the people in Flint, Michigan and other communities in the US know, environmental poisoning is not limited to third world countries.

One thing I won’t worry about is EMF Sensitivity.


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