EMF Fix – Cable Modem


In the war against EMF Sensitivity?  Here’s how to win one battle.

It’s becoming increasingly difficult (at least if you live in the United States) to avoid technology.  If you want to watch TV or stay connected to the Internet you likely use a cable provider which means you have some sort of cable modem.  For people who are EMF Sensitive, these devices can cause health problems.  Here is a simple solution.

Block the Signal.  If you block the electromagnetic waves you will find relief from the symptoms.

Materials needed.  Section of heat duct.  Metal mailbox (inside cannot be painted).

How to.  Measure the height, wideth, and depth of the cable modem.  Visit your local hardware or home improvement store.

We went to Lowe’s.

Find a section of heating duct that is large enough that the entire modem can be placed inside.

Make sure you have enough space to allow for ventilation and an opening for any wiring or cords.

Find a basic mailbox that is large enough to hold the section of duct with the modem inside.

Make sure the inside of the mailbox is not painted. 

Place the cable modem in the duct and the duct in the mailbox.  Experience relief.

You can also try placing a metal colander over the device.  For the very sensitive, however, this probably won’t be enough.

For more solutions and remedies, see my book Riding the Waves, Diagnosing, Treating, and Living with EMF Sensitivity.








On the journey to recovery from EMF Sensitivity you have to manage many small victories.


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