Flint – Getting the Lead Out – There is Hope


The following is an excerpt from a letter I emailed to Karen Weaver, Mayor of Flint, Michigan, on 12/30/15..

I was saddened to read about the situation in Flint.  I was born in Detroit and though I now live in the Western US, Michigan is ever in my heart.  I’m writing because I may have a solution to help the families suffering from lead toxicity, and it’s available at the grocery store.

I posted an article about the Flint situation and suggested parents use cilantro as a way to safely detoxify the lead from their children.

Although I am putting the nightmare of heavy metal poisoning behind me, I continue to research the topic.  I came across an article on detoxifying lead I believe can help those in your city.  The article describes a study in which it was discovered that garlic is as effective at detoxifying lead as a prescription.  It’s also safer and has no dangerous side effects.

I believe that while it’s imperative to deal with the source of the problem, it’s equally critical to have a solution to the effect; a safe way to detoxify the lead.  Given the economic realities of some of these families, the potential to have an inexpensive, natural solution that is easily obtainable is of great benefit.  It also fulfills something equally as critical.  It gives hope.

I suggest you contact the authors of the study to obtain more detailed information about the best form and amount of garlic to safely and effectively detoxify children and adults alike, since anyone drinking the contaminated water has been affected.

I would also like to offer another resource.  Dr. David Brownstein, MD, of the Center for Holistic Medicine in West Bloomfield, Michigan.

I believe the doctor and his staff can  provide guidance as you move past this crisis.  I believe they can work with your local doctors to ensure that the benefit of experience is shared as they try to treat those affected.

I wish you and the residents of Flint the best.  I know you look forward to the day when this awful situation is behind you.  I wish you all good health.



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