EMF Sensitivity Cure Information – Update

rainbowHappy Thanksgiving!

On this day when I’m so thankful for my recovery from EMF Sensitivity, I’m taking the opportunity to announce a new chapter in my career, as well as associated upcoming changes.

“In order to move to a higher level, you have to let go of whatever is keeping you stuck where you are” – Roger James Hamilton

Although I have been free of EMF Sensitivity for several months, I’ve found the condition remaining over my life like a cloud casting shadows. Part of this stems from echoes of the trauma, but for the most part it has been difficult to move away from because not a day goes by that I haven’t had the opportunity to learn something new about it.

I have a voracious appetite for knowledge and a passionate desire to make a positive difference in the world. Such a combination left me continuously focusing on providing updates I felt would help others, even when doing so meant ignoring what I really wanted to be doing.

Given that all autoimmune diseases have a psychological component, I imagine that propensity played a role in my becoming sick.

The desire to move on wasn’t enough. Something was keeping me stuck.

99% was the utter shock of what I’d learned about the true cause of EMF Sensitivity.

For months I considered the best way forward. Now, I’m happy to say I’m ready to move on from EMF Sensitivity and refocus on fulfilling my dreams.

I am about to release information that will help people who suffer from EMF Sensitivity restore their health and be free of the sensitivity.

The information applies to other autoimmune conditions as well.

Information on the cure will be available shortly.


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