EMF Sensitivity and Homeopathy – The Final Key?

The following applies to all chronic illness.

At the height of my EMF Sensitivity, I was frustrated to find that homeopathy had ceased to work. for me

So did Bach Flower Remedies, vitamins, aspirin, and prescription pain relievers.

I was puzzled because I had been using homeopathy successfully  for years.

I have the best luck when starting treatment soon after symptoms set in.

After leaving the Bay Area, I began to recover**.

Fortunately, that recovery included the successful use of homeopathy.

I continued to recover and eventually came to understand what it took to bring about a cure.

I had to restore nutritional balance in my body.

There’s a Leak.  Though I was successful in replenishing several depleted minerals, I found myself unable to maintain adequate levels of magnesium and, more importantly, potassium.

It was like a leaky boat. I’d repaired all the major leaks but there was still a small leak somewhere.  Problem was, I couldn’t find it.

I was researching magnesium deficiency when I came across a suggestion to use the homeopathic remedy Magnesia Phosphorica. The author explained that sometimes, with long-term magnesium deficiency, the body’s magnesium receptor sites became inactive, preventing it from being able to absorb and utilize magnesium.  The remedy would be like a switch turning the receptor sites back on.

I tucked the information away and continued with my healing protocol.

The Boat’s Still Leaking.  I cured myself of EMF Sensitivity but I was having difficulty maintaining mineral levels.

In particular, potassium.

Leak Found!  I was researching a tangent concern when I came across a well-written article about cell salts (homeopathy).  As I looked over symptoms and their remedies, something became apparent.  All the remedies that seemed relevant were potassium (Kali) remedies.

Leak Patched!  Remembering the article about long-term magnesium deficiency I wondered if the same solution might apply for long-term potassium deficiency.  It was a good hunch to follow. Within an hour of taking various Kali remedies I felt fantastic!

I felt as if twenty pounds had been lifted from my shoulders, physically and figuratively.

Ironically, I had a few of the remedies in my medicine cabinet.

They come in handy during sniffles season.

A quick trip to the local health food store enabled me to purchase the others.

Why It Worked.  I had been eating a diet high in potassium but I wasn’t able to maintain appropriate levels..   believe this is because the deficiency had been going on so long that many receptor sites had shut down.

My body wasn’t able to assimilate the nutrient the way it needed to.

Taking the homeopathic remedies solved the issue.

Imagine wanting to have a fire. You have the fuel but no spark. The homeopathic remedies acted as the spark to light things up.

If you are dealing with any autoimmune condition, I highly recommend focusing on restoring nutritional balance, with an emphasis on minerals.  In order to ensure your body is able to absorb and properly utilize the minerals, you may want to consider adding homeopathy.

It may well be the final key!

The cell salt article is here:

I  used Kali Phos, Kali Sulph, Mag Phos, and Nat Mur.

I  keep the following regulars in my medicine cabinet:

  • Nux vomica – nausea, overeating, general stomach upset
  • Arsenicum Album – symptoms of food poisoning
  • Arnica Montana – bruising, muscle pain/sore muscles
  • Chamomila – teething irritability, including 6 and 12 year molars
  • Calcarea Phosphorica – growing pains

**  For more information, see Riding the Waves: Diagnosing, Treating, and Living With EMF Sensitivity.