Angels Among Us

Do you ever wonder how we appear to other people?

I had an errand to run in an urban environment. I was walking along, listening to music, but ultimately under a bit of a cloud (read: Deep thoughts).  I looked ahead and saw an urbanite in the center of the sidewalk. I briefly considered that he was challenging me for space.

I likely frowned as a result.

However, the man’s body language immediately changed and seemed to shrivel in on itself. I wondered if my own energy conveyed more than being up for the challenge. Did he see me as thinking I was superior to him?

I didn’t.

I took out one of the earbuds, smiled, and asked “How are you doing?”

He smiled and said “Everyday is good in life.”

My smile widened and replied, “It is, isn’t it?”

He opened his arms. Without any hesitation I stepped into them and soaked in that embrace.

As I hugged him as tightly as he was me, I told him “I’m not passing this up. I need the hug.”

We stepped back and I smiled and thanked him, adding “I so needed that.”

He thrust out his hand and gave me his name. I gave him mine and complimented his necklace and ear studs.

As I walked away my first thought was “The most beautiful piece he wore was his smile. It flowed right into the soul.”

As I thought of that I smiled and mentally thanked God. He’d sent me an angel right when I needed it.

In the form of an everyday man standing right in my path.

I would have had to go out of my way to ignore him.

I really needed that energy – that soul love that he gave to me. It was the perfect feeling at the perfect time.

Ironically, just a half hour earlier I had given a kind word to someone who was very tired from working a crisis. He’d smiled tiredly at me and thanked me for the encouragement.

I’ve said it before but we never know when we are the ones who will make all the difference in someone’s life.

A kind word, a smile. They cost nothing but can mean the world to the one who receives.

Never forget, there are everyday angels among us.


2 thoughts on “Angels Among Us”

  1. Thank you for that post. It reminds everyone that you never know who will bring you a blessing when it is needed. As for the a ‘good day’, I agree every day we wake up is a good day.

    Congratulations and I proud of you for sharing your energy with him.

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