Addiction or Nutritional Deficiency – Alcohol

I have shared that alcohol played a beneficial role in managing the EMF Sensitivity symptoms I experienced. I would like to provide updated information that may be helpful. First, I want to be very clear:

Alcohol was never a crutch for me. It was a choice I made for a short duration. It was never a need. It was “Well, I know this will help. It was no more than part of the arsenal I tapped as I recovered.

That being said, here is what I have experienced and/or observed.

Alcohol has anti-inflammatory properties. As such it alleviated the inflammation (physical pain). This effect wore off when the alcohol was out of the system.

Same as a pain reliever, such as an aspirin, would.

I did not take more alcohol when this happened.

Actually, increasing the DHEA by 10mg/day did away with the pain. This is what clued me in to the role of testosterone and DHEA in Rheumatic Arthritis. Just as with alcohol, I never intended to take DHEA indefinitely.

Alcohol supplies minerals and vitamins. Of the two, it was the minerals that were the key. My body craved alcohol that provided badly needed magnesium and potassium.

Alcohol will also result in the body losing potassium as part of the digestive and elimination process.

Once I supplied my body with the minerals it needed, I no longer needed or wanted the alcohol.

I replenished the badly depleted minerals through fresh juices, fresh vegetables, fresh fruits, and trace mineral drops by Concentrace. I occasionally took mineral tablets but they were not assimilated as well as the drops so I quit using them.

Alcohol is metabolized in the body as if it is a sugar. This means people who cannot metabolize sugar – insulin resistant – will have trouble metabolizing alcohol.

I believe this is why the Native American population has such a struggle with diabetes.

Alcohol and sugar intolerance are the direct result of severe potassium deficiency.

Diabetes is a result of the body’s inability to make insulin, a hormone.  Minerals such as potassium are necessary to make hormones, including insulin.  Without enough potassium, the body cannot make insulin.  Artificial insulin given to diabetics depletes potassium as a side effect, exacerbating the problem.

Some of the potassium deficiency symptoms are identical to diabetes symptoms. Restore the potassium levels and the “diabetes” symptoms go away.

Alcohol intolerance is a warning. I watched several male coworkers become alcohol intolerant in their late 40s/early 50s.

It began with red wine then progressed to the point they could no longer drink alcohol.

I now understand the cause-effect. They are severely depleted in key minerals and very likely have toxic levels of heavy metals as well as fluoride.

Alcohol cravings are due to nutritional deficiency.

Particularly, b vitamins. I believe potassium deficiency is causal also.

We have known this for decades.

Doctors are trained to look for disease, not nutritional deficiency, especially in “wealthy” nations.

If you restore the nutritional balance you will likely lose any craving and/or desire for alcohol. You will no longer need the alcohol to alleviate EMF Sensitivity symptoms because the root cause of the condition is environmental.

Restore the depleted minerals and detox the heavy metals and fluoride and your symptoms will disappear.

You will be cured. Your health will be restored.

But – it runs in families. No, it doesn’t.

History is not destiny.

By the nature of their social structure, families tend to live close together, and even in today’s mobile age, rarely move away from each other. This means family members are exposed to the same environmental toxins, generation after generation.

For years I listened to the dark prognostications of family members and doctors who predicted all the grandchildren of my maternal side would come down with juvenile diabetes. The same doom and gloom was liberally sprinkled on my father’s side regarding alcoholism. None of us have succumbed to either condition (that I know of). Of course, most of us moved away from our families of origin and, therefore, were not exposed to the same toxins as our parents and grandparents who did have these issues.

If I have learned nothing else from this experience, it is how important it is to define disease differently than the mainstream.

As a holistic doctor I look at multiple factors.  I look at the root of the root of the root.  I keep digging until I find the head of the snake.  The real cause.  Most of the time it is environmental.

It is because of this willingness to consider a different way that I came to understand the situation and to find not just remedies, but a cure.

And a natural one at that.

Do not fear alcohol but respect it. It can definitely be addicting. However, if you restore the mineral balance, the nutritional balance, you will no longer need the alcohol for medicinal purposes.

Whether or not you continue to drink socially is up to you.

btw:  A hangover is very likely severe and sudden potassium loss.  Instead of reaching for an aspirin, try potassium supplements, along with plenty of water.

In a medical study, potassium did as well as Imitrex in relieving migraines.  I now give potassium instead of aspirin for headaches and so far it has worked.  It relieves the pain within minutes.