I Can Take it From Here

4Ry1T73ft9-10Imagine standing at the top of a hill. Before you descend, you study the landscape, taking note of areas that require a bit of caution, such as rocky patches or slippery slopes. You begin your descent and as you get a feel for the ground beneath you your confidence grows. Not to the extent you become reckless but enough so that you no longer feel the need to watch every step every moment. You can afford the occasional look at the scenery without upsetting your balance. Then, suddenly and without warning, you’re airborne.

You know you’re going to come down at some point and you are aware of the potential damage if you land in the wrong place.

Cactus patches make terrible cushions. Well, pin cushion, I guess.

That awareness motivates you to find a softer landing spot. Drawing from your mental map of the landscape you manage to find a patch of grass upon which to fall.

 From the relative safety of your position you look around to see what sent you tumbling off the path. No one element stands out but you can’t help but notice that if you’d continued going as you were, you would have stepped into a deep chasm. Interesting, you couldn’t see the chasm from above. Only after getting knocked off the path were you able to see this danger. Not only is it lucky you fell on a soft spot, it’s lucky you tripped! But was it luck?

This is a great metaphor for this stage of my recovery.

As I’ve written previously, if you no longer need a supplement but continue taking it, you can do more harm than good. But how do you know when you no longer need the supplement?   Awareness.

Cause and Effect. Throughout my research into EMF Sensitivity, I observed the relation between an event or stimulus (cause) and a subsequent event or feeling (effect). It was through this diligence I was able to discover remedies and finally, a cure.

Cured, I no longer needed to watch every step every moment. I could afford the occasional look at the scenery without upsetting my balance. However, I kept my awareness of cause and effect on high alert.

 I recognize that in the larger context, EMF Sensitivity is a symptom of a bigger issue, severe mineral deficiency and all the devastating health consequences that go with that.

It is because of this awareness that I came to see that one of the supplements I was taking was now causing trouble. Which one? DHEA.

 I took it to give my adrenals a break while I strengthened them and rebuilt my mineral stores.  I was on a very low dose.

 I can take it from here.  Through various symptoms and based on how I felt after taking the supplement I came to realize I no longer needed it.

To continue taking it would be detrimental to my health.

For me, DHEA was opposing minerals.  For someone trying to rebuild mineral stores, this is bad. I am now backing off of the supplement. I heeded the message from my body. No more!

Had I not been thrown off the path by the symptoms I experienced I would have found myself worse off.

Symptoms included a yellow eye tooth – sign of low magnesium – and a yellow nail – sign of magnesium and/or B12 deficiency.

Of all the symptoms, the yellow nail disturbed me the most, though it was only one nail. It reminded me of family members who had diabetes.

Though I knew the cause was different, the effect was significant, and definitely negative.

While I back off the DHEA I have upped the Concentrace. It’s working. The nail is no longer yellow and the tooth is almost completely white.

The effect is dramatic and close to immediate. Living at the fill line, I guess.

I urge people to be aware of what is going on in their body. It is not normal to have discolored nails and those yellow teeth may be a result of nutritional deficiency, not from smoking, coffee, and tea drinking.

Not directly, at any rate.

If these things drain your minerals then the mineral deficiency is still the root cause. The tobacco and/or caffeine only enable the deficiency.   The root cause is mineral deficiency.

Stay aware!


2 thoughts on “I Can Take it From Here”

  1. I had to laugh at the timeliness of your great post, Elizabeth. In my ‘zeal to heal’ and recover from an incident that happened to me almost five weeks ago that left me with a deep gash to my head requiring 15 staples, a concussion and two torn ligaments in my index finger, I decided that homemade bone broth would be an excellent nutritional strategy to help me heal sooner, quicker, faster. So with my usual enthusiasm I sourced out the best quality chicken carcasses I could find and stocked up my freezer to the tune of 25 lbs. worth. And away I went simmering and consuming chicken bone broth until the cows (chickens?) came home. But then I noticed myself becoming more and more irritable as time went on and I began slipping into a deep depression as well. I also became unable to sleep at all at night. Hmmm…what the heck? Then I had a flash of awareness….those are all symptoms I experience when eating anything with MSG. Oops – bone broth is full of gelatin and gelatin is very high in glutamate so bone broth, as healthy a food it is for most people, is downright contraindicated for someone with a glutamate sensitivity such as myself. AWARENESS INDEED!

    The lesson here is whether we’re talking about supplements, food or changes in lifestyle, our bodies are constantly communicating with us and giving us messages for us to interpret and act upon. The key, as you’ve indicated in your post, is to stay aware by tuning in.

    BTW, I meant to write sooner to say THANK YOU for all your great info. on the importance of addressing mineral deficiencies. I had been on Concentrace for a while before hurting myself and feel that it has played a major role in not only helping me recover quicker but also in preventing me from experiencing serious post-traumatic after affects.

    1. Sherry: I sincerely hope you are on the mend – your injuries remind me of when I took a spill off a bike – oy! May you have a speedy recovery! And thank you for taking the time to comment. You are so right – it isn’t just supplements – it can be food or any “input” and it was a good thing you are so tuned in to your body so you recognized something was off and didn’t just write it off as being related to your injury. I will continue to share information. In the meantime, feel better! Elizabeth

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