We’ve Talked Minerals, What About the EMFs?

kEMF Sensitivity is an autoimmune condition.

In healing my immune system I’ve resolved the debilitating symptoms I suffered for years.

I’ve come to understand that all autoimmune diseases have the same root cause – mineral imbalance and/or severe mineral deficiency.

Minerals are necessary for the manufacture of hormones and enzymes.  Autoimmune diseases are related to hormonal issues (think diabetes) and food intolerances are related to the lack of digestive enzymes.

I believe there is only one autoimmune disease.

If you look at the symptoms there is tremendous  overlap between various diseases.

It is misleading to classify the conditions as separate diseases. It would be more accurate  to classify them as stages of severity with cancer being the most severe stage.

What causes the imbalance or deficiency varies and can be incredibly difficult to identify.  Because of this, it is hard to pinpoint and understand the role of ultra-low and very low electromagnetic frequencies in the bigger picture.  Just what is the health impact of EMFs on the human body?

If I take minerals and my symptoms disappear, was I suffering EMF Sensitivity or a mineral deficiency? If I rebalance my minerals and all physical symptoms disappear but I’m still affected by WiFi, is it because something about the radiation harms my system or is my system overly sensitive to that stimulus?

There is also the role of toxic buildup of harmful chemicals.

Can high levels of chemicals such as sodium fluoride or glyphosate be responsible for the body’s sensitivity to electromagnetic frequencies?

These chemicals are known to affect the body’s immune system and are linked to cancer.

So, is it the technology that is linked to cancer or the underlying and potentially unknown chemical toxicity?

These are difficult questions to answer but there is definitely a link. I know that the water I drank in California harmed me more than anything else in my lifetime. The toxins I ingested prevented my body from absorbing crucial minerals such as potassium, magnesium, and zinc, which are necessary to manufacture hormones and enzymes. I know that toxic substances in the water, which included agricultural runoff, caused problems with my reproductive hormones, and testosterone in particular.

It caused the levels to plummet.

I’m healing.  I have to continue to filter my water, changing the filter frequently to ensure the toxins from our tap water are eliminated.  I have to allow my body to rebuild itself after detoxing the poisons in our tap water.  I have to continue to eat foods and drink fresh juices high in minerals so my body can continue to manufacture the hormones and enzymes I need to be healthy.

I am 95 – 99% recovered.  I am able to sleep through the night thanks to my body restoring melatonin production and I can eat many of the foods I had become intolerant too, evidence my body is again producing the digestive enzymes necessary to do so.  I can also be around technology 99% of the time without any issues.

 And yet.  I still ponder the role of technology EMFs in my health and well-being. I have come to the conclusion that technology EMFs cause potassium loss in the body. The method by which this happens is increased heat.

When I had a microVAX beneath my desk I used to joke I never needed a heater to keep me warm. Yes, the fans blew warm air to cool the computer but I believe the EMFs also heat the human body causing dehydration and potassium loss.  

A recent UK study found that sitting for hours (at work) led to serious health issues.

There is evidence that being sedentary negatively affects glucose levels and increases insulin resistance – but scientists do not yet know how.

I do. It’s the potassium loss. Potassium is critical for proper glucose metabolism.

Sitting for long periods increases risk of kidney disease but UK scientists don’t know why.

Potassium loss!  Think about it – people aren’t just sitting – they are sitting in front of and likely surrounded by technology.  Technology emits radio waves of various frequencies. Radiation causes cells to heat which leads to increased potassium loss. Severe potassium loss results in diabetes symptoms, kidney failure and a host of other issues, including EMF Sensitivity!

Potassium deficiency symptoms read like a laundry list of EMF Sensitivity symptoms.  My EMF Sensitivity symptoms disappeared once I brought my potassium levels up.

I believe the potential danger of technology EMFs lies in the depletion of potassium as a result of chronic exposure.

Length of exposure and proximity to source make a difference.

 Here’s the kicker. Exposure to agricultural products is also linked to kidney failure. I have to wonder, given my experience with water containing high levels of agricultural runoff and my resulting severe potassium deficiency, has anyone tested the farm workers dying of kidney failure for potassium deficiency?

Dehydration has been suggested as a contributing factor and some governments are banning the use of agricultural products they believe are causing the kidney failure. The trouble is – they never said why it’s causing the failure. I believe it’s causing severe potassium loss and that is why the kidneys fail. Dehydration just exacerbates an already existing problem.

If it’s worse?  Both technology EMFs and agricultural products such as glyphosate are considered carcinogens.  I believe both cause potassium loss.  Dr. Max Gerson discovered a link between potassium imbalance and cancer.

If you live or work in an agricultural area, filter your water at a minimum.

Reverse osmosis water is empty of minerals.  Long-term consumption of minerally depleted water can result in severe mineral deficiencies.  Reverse osmosis water is not the answer.  Cleaning up the water supply is.

If you work with agricultural chemicals, have a hair mineral analysis done to determine what mineral and hormone deficiencies and any toxicities you may have.

If you work around technology and/or sit for hours at work, have a hair mineral analysis done so you can learn if you are deficient in potassium, magnesium, and/or zinc, and see if you have toxic levels of metals such as copper which can turn your blood into a conductor for EMFs.

Vulcans would be EMF Sensitives big time!

Drink plenty of water to prevent dehydration, which will exacerbate potassium deficiency issues.  Eat  a diet rich in potassium.

Hint:  Fruits and vegetables.

Finally, and most importantly, understand that we live in a complex world with too many variables to point to one specific cause for EMF Sensitivity and other autoimmune diseases. It isn’t just cell phones or microwaves or RADAR. It isn’t just agricultural runoff and toxic algae blooms that get into our water supply. It isn’t just one event, it’s many, over a prolonged period of time.

Your body is affected long before you feel symptoms.

Your best defense is a good offense. Get a good idea what’s going on in your body and be aware of how your environment is affecting it. Then take action as appropriate.

In the time it took me to write a first draft of this piece I became very dehydrated. I feel much warmer. What did I use? A Macbook Air on top of a thin lapdesk on top of a coffee table book on top of my legs. The laptop is cool to the touch but my body became warm – and thirsty.


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