EMF Sensitivity and Autoimmune Disease: Layers of Complexity

_2634595To get to this level and beyond, to the levels buried beneath (the outcome of the outcome of the outcome)…

– Klauser, Henriette Anne (2001-08-12). Write It Down Make It Happen

I have come to think of the unraveling of EMF Sensitivity as opening a Nesting Doll. There is always something hidden inside, behind, and/or beneath the present discovery. Every time I think I’ve gotten to the core of the situation I find  something even more foundational.

H2O. It wasn’t enough to know it was the water. What was in the water that was causing the problem?

Metals.  I learned that the water I drank was high in copper and mercury.  Copper drives down levels of potassium and zinc and mercury inhibits the absorption of magnesium.  Many of the seemingly unrelated health symptoms I was suffering all indicate I had heavy metal toxicity.

I tested high for mercury, nickel, cadmium, and other metals in Michigan shortly after moving back from Silicon Valley in 1994.  I moved back to California in 2000.  Shortly after I became very ill.

Agriculture.  Even after detoxifying heavy metals and filtering mercury and copper from the water, I had symptoms.

I improved dramatically but there were still issues, odd symptoms that were difficult to map to a cause other than continued mineral deficiency.

I read a report released by UC Davis about nitrates in California water.  Associated with agricultural runoff,  nitrates are a known carcinogen and are associated with health problems in humans.  Still…

It didn’t feel right.  I knew something in the water was causing my gums to burn and my teeth to feel as if someone was driving a stake through my jaw and teeth when I sipped water – even filtered water.  Something bad was in the water but nitrates?  I didn’t think so because it just didn’t feel right.

When on vacation in March I drank non-California water for ten days.  All remaining health symptoms disappeared.  The two most dramatic improvements were instant improvement of my oral health and a lack of food intolerances.

The swelling in my gums disappeared.  They quit bleeding.  The color went from inflamed red to healthy pink.  My gums didn’t burn when I drank water or brushed my teeth with it.  My teeth and jaw didn’t feel like someone had driven a railroad spike into them.

Within 48 hours of returning home the symptoms began to return.  I was filtering the water but obviously something wasn’t getting filtered out.

I have always maintained excellent dental hygiene.  

Fluoride. I remember staring at my toothbrush while on vacation.  Something told me to stop using fluoride toothpaste.  At least while my gums were so inflamed.

I also remembered that right after my six month dental checkup I had a horrible relapse of symptoms.  I was sick for weeks.  

After returning from vacation I had our whole family switch to  non-fluoride toothpaste.

Tom’s of Maine.

I also began changing the filter every week.

Sodium fluoride.  I now see that fluoride is the “final piece” of this puzzle.  Specifically, sodium fluoride. This is not the form of fluoride municipalities add to the drinking water under the pretense it helps fight tooth decay.

It’s a flawed argument. Tribes in Africa who live in areas where the soil is rich in selenium have a lower incidence of AIDS and cancer both but we haven’t decided to add selenium to our drinking water and in fact, farmers state that too much selenium in the soil is bad for crops.

Sodium fluoride is in everything from toothpaste to mouthwash to bottled water to food and beverages we consume.

It’s also a nuclear fuel.

Perhaps most significant is its presence in  pesticides, insecticides, and other agricultural products.

Where its runoff ends up in our drinking water and food supply.

In large quantities it becomes toxic. It blocks the ability to absorb magnesium and potassium. It affects reproductive hormones and prevents the production of melatonin, disrupting sleep.

A British study showed that people who have EMF Sensitivity do not produce enough melatonin.

The symptoms for fluoride poisoning read like a laundry list for autoimmune diseases including rheumatic arthritis and EMF Sensitivity.

Disease or poison?  I think of all the doctors I talked to, all the medical tests I had that all came up negative.  Not one California doctor considered environmental poisoning from the water to be the root cause of my symptoms.

I admit, it never occurred to me either.  

To detoxify sodium fluoride you need to do the following:

  • Stop ingesting the poison. Switch to a fluoride free toothpaste and do not have fluoride treatments at the dentist.
  • Increase your magnesium and potassium intake.

If tap water was the only source of fluoride I would not be suggesting to eliminate dental treatments.  It isn’t.  There are multiple sources of sodium fluoride.  If you have toxic levels of fluoride in your system you have to eliminate it in order to recover. 

Adding fluoride to our drinking water has been a controversial issue for decades.

About as long as there has been evidence linking too much fluoride to cancer and other autoimmune diseases including arthritis

The US Government AgreesFor the first time in 50 years the US Government has decided to lower the amount of fluoride put in the drinking water.

Since eliminating the fluoride toothpaste and changing the filter weekly multiple members of the family noticed an improvement.

There were some  immediate results but  after two weeks the improvements were nothing short of dramatic.

Nails that were discolored returned to their normal color.  Tooth enamel that was yellow and/or streaked returned to a healthy white.  Tooth enamel that was mottled healed completely – no more holes.

Food intolerances were eliminated.

While this has completed the puzzle for me, helping me know exactly what it is I’m dealing with (and what I have to detox), I suspect it won’t be the outcome of the outcome.

When it comes to the incredibly complex tangle of autoimmune diseases and EMF Sensitivity in particular, there is always something more to be learned.

Fluoride. Nesting Doll or Pandora’s Box?

Shortly after posting this I found the following – notice the date:




4 thoughts on “EMF Sensitivity and Autoimmune Disease: Layers of Complexity”

  1. Great sleuthing, Elizabeth! So glad you have finally solved the water puzzle. Have you heard of the Mini Beet Protocol? It is supposed to be very effective for detoxification from fluoride poisoning, if I am remembering correctly. Anyhow, kudos to you again for never giving up!

    1. Hello Sherry: Thanks for the encouragement and support! I have not heard of the protocol but I will investigate, thanks. I have juiced beets on and off as I wanted to focus on the liver. I know it’s a great liver tonic. I did read about detoxing fluoride and increasing the magnesium intake is mentioned time and again. Many minerals are on one end of a teeter totter with another and by upping one you supress the other, such as high copper = low potassium. Fluoride inhibits the body’s ability to metabolize magnesium. So does mercury. Both were/are in the water I drank. Each needs to be addressed and at this point from what I am experiencing, fluoride is the last toxin to get rid of. I addressed the metals. I will look at the protocol you mentioned. Thanks again! Elizabeth

    2. Sherry: I was just reading Seth Godin’s “Tribes” when a thought occurred to me. Beets may be high in magnesium. As it happens, they are. I will definitely look into the protocol you mentioned! Elizabeth

      1. Thanks for keeping us all updated, Elizabeth. It’s a great help. Good luck with the detox!

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