EMF Sensitivity – Psychic Abilities and The Healing Power of Prayer


It occurred to me a few weeks back that some people (those who are aware of my paranormal abilities) might have thought if she’s such a good psychic, how come she didn’t see this coming? Actually, I did. But…

Extenuating Circumstances Within a few weeks of relocating to the Bay Area in 2000, I knew something was wrong.

I felt so strongly that something was wrong that I was ready to return the relocation money and my signing bonus, and move elsewhere.

If it was that simple I would never have gone down the Yellow Brick Road. However, I wasn’t the only decision maker caught up in the situation.

My husband had left a pretty good gig after I got the job in the Bay Area.

I couldn’t blame him for not wanting to walk away because I had “a bad feeling”.

It didn’t help that I couldn’t detail exactly what was wrong, only that something was very very wrong.

Logic vs. Instinct He presented plenty of logical reasons why we should stick things out and because logic is like water to me, I was more than happy to agree.

Even as I sought out a doctor to help me understand why I was getting so sick. A doctor who ran tests and calmly explained “everything is normal.” I knew better but I couldn’t point to anything to say what or why.

A Foreign Language My psychic abilities have developed over the years in a patchwork fashion.  As a very young child I was clairsentient.  As an adolescent I had  prophetic dreams, then prophetic feelings I was able to articulate.  Then…feelings.

Feelings I couldn’t  explain or tie to anything concrete or factual.

I didn’t understand my psychic dictionary (the symbols and feelings and what they meant).

It didn’t help that not long after moving to our temporary living in the East Bay, my psychic abilities began to disappear.  Once we moved to Downtown San Francisco they retuned with a vengeance but I pushed them away in favor of logic. **

Let’s just say being a psychic can be difficult, if not a burden at times.  I was ready for some peace.  Little did I know…

Several times in the ensuing years I got a strong feeling we should leave the Bay Area. Given the complexity of the situation, not to mention I had nothing specific to point to, I allowed logic to direct my choices.

This is something both Aaron and I have had to learn to live with. Woulda – Coulda – Shoulda.

As I write in Riding the Waves, Diagnosing Treating and Living with EMF Sensitivity, I came to realize that EMFs were blocking my psychic abilities. Once I began implementing remedies to block the harmful EMFs my abilities began to return, albeit slowly.

After relocating out of the area my healing accelerated, as did the return of my abilities.

I’ve learned a lot about psychic abilities as a result of what I’ve gone through.

The very same glands that warn us of impending danger are our psychic organ; the adrenals.

If someone wants to hone their gut instincts and/or improve their natural abilities, focus on having strong adrenal glands and a strong immune system.  The same steps I’ve taken to reverse my autoimmune conditions also  heal and strengthen the adrenals and the immune system.

In fact, my instincts led me to focus on healing and strengthening my immune system in order to reverse both EMF Sensitivity and Rheumatic Arthritis.

You could also use the remedies I discovered to block the EMFs that would tune out your own instincts.

These are mentioned in the Riding the Waves book. These remedies are all valid and work.  I will be releasing an ebook that focuses solely on the remedies without the context found in the book shortly.

The Healing Power of Prayer  A lot has been written about the healing power of prayer. What I have come to realize is that you don’t have to be praying for anything specific in order to gain the healing benefits.

A couple of months back, during one of the more difficult periods of my recovery, I lay in bed going through my nightly prayers of gratitude. I suddenly got this strong urge to say a few of the more formal prayers I’d learned in Catholic School.

I initially questioned this because I didn’t really have anything specific to pray for. I felt the more formal prayers should have been reserved for something specific.

Mentally shrugging I went ahead and began a few.

Including but not limited to the Lord’s Prayer, Hail Marys, and the Memorare.

Within a very short time I became aware that I was starting to feel better. Other than the added prayer, nothing dramatic had changed. Encouraged, I continued to say the prayers, rarely bothering to insert a specific intention.

I knew in my gut that none was needed. The simple act of reciting the prayers before bed was having a dramatic healing effect.

If you are healing from an illness, I suggest adding some sort of  daily prayer ritual.  Consider it a vitamin for the soul.

I don’t think it matters what form the prayer takes. I think the important thing is that it’s something you relate to.

I don’t think there’s a wrong way.  For me, the familiar prayers I’d learned in childhood were perfect.

I squeeze them in between my own personalized spiritual practice of gratitude and meditation.

As for my abilities, the more I recover, the more they strengthen. II’m learning my psychic dictionary.  I’ve had several flashes of insight that pointed me to a particular herb or remedy, or a book or website that added to my healing toolkit. Recently, I’ve been given specific instructions for foods and beverages to eat and drink.

I “hear” the words of what to eat and sometimes see a visual of a particular ingredient.

So far, following the psychic bread crumbs has paid off.

I’ve gone on to share the information either in books or in the blog as appropriate.

 I’ve recently entered the rebuild stage.  Last night I was given instructions for a soup that will help.

For the mushrooms I was shown a visual. I recognized the shape though I didn’t know the name. I knew I’d find them at the health food store though not necessarily at the grocery store.

Since I think it would benefit many who are in the rebuild stage of healing an autoimmune condition, I will share it here.

Psychic Soup  In a large soup pot (or crock) put 3 cans of beef broth, a handful of maitake mushrooms, potatoes, scallions, and white beans.

I use one can of great northern beans along with one can of garbanzo beans.

Add beef along with a beef bone.

As my entire family is healing from toxicity induced troubles, I chose grass fed organic beef and organic ingredients when possible.

Include the following to taste::  A bit of cilantro and natural sea salt.

I use celtic sea salt.  Cilantro binds heavy metals so the body can expel them.

Garlic salt, pepper, oregano, basil, Italian seasoning and red pepper flakes.

Add a few cups of filtered or purified water and bring to a boil for 30 minutes. Reduce heat and simmer at least two hours, stirring occasionally.


I share the impact of my Near Death Experience on my psychic abilities in After Here The Celestial Plane and What Happens When We Die.


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