Rebuilding Mineral Stores – Life at the Fill Line

ULFP312Rebuilding depleted mineral stores seems straight forward but is incredibly difficult. Even after you remove the heavy metals and toxins you have a lot of work ahead of you. That’s because those minerals are precious resources responsible for multiple bodily functions. When they are depleted there just isn’t enough to go around.

Imagine it’s budget time at Detroit public schools. Several critical and necessary programs are waiting to find out how much money they have to work with. The administrator starts doling out allocations from a pool of money. Before all the programs have received their allotments, the well runs dry. Now what?

For the human body the pool isn’t money, it’s minerals. Minerals are used to make hormones and enzymes. If these run low, illness is the result. If some of them (i.e.adrenal hormones) run out, the body dies. To avoid this, the body does what it can to keep things going and it does this in a very methodical way.  It will begin pulling resources from other areas, prioritizing as it goes.

Robbing Peter to pay Paul.

It will pull minerals from tissues, including the bones and joints. It will pull hormones from other glands to convert.

When the adrenal hormones get too low, the glands will borrow from the reproductive organs. This means low testosterone and estrogen. If you have a problem with ovarian cysts, this is you. When that well runs dry the adrenals will go after the thyroid. You hypothyroid sufferers, this is you.

It’s a domino effect. By the time your symptoms show up you’ve been in trouble for a long while.

Hint:  It starts with adrenal fatigue.

With so many systems vying for those few resources it’s easy to see how getting the levels back to necessary minimums is difficult.

The body’s processes use them up as fast as you get them into the system. This continues until everyone has been repaid and levels are well above that minimum.   I don’t think you can replenish depleted minerals if you take medications that lower the levels and/or if you have toxic metals in your body.

How long does it take? I have no idea. I haven’t accomplished it yet.  I am pretty close.  I’ve learned it works best, for me anyway, to focus on one mineral at a time.  This doesn’t mean I only take one mineral supplement.  It means I double or triple the dose of a specific mineral until I get the level to a solid minimum, if not a little above.

How do I know I’ve attained minimum level?  The physical symptoms associated with that mineral are resolved for longer than two weeks.

What do I focus on?  For people with EMF Sensitivity, the mineral to focus on first is potassium. I ended up taking 4 99mg capsules a day. I also ate lots of potatoes, bananas, apples, and oranges (all sources of potassium).  For people who have rheumatic arthritis, magnesium and DHEA are critical to your recovery and resolution of all symptoms.

The next mineral to focus on is zinc. This will help push down excess copper, restore mental clarity, and give a feeling of vitality and youth. It will knock the depression and other negative mental and emotional symptoms right out of you. It will restore hope and a will to fight back.

I wonder if cancer patients who lose the will to fight/live are copper toxic.

The next mineral to focus on is magnesium. This has been the most difficult mineral to restore.

The stress mineral.  Magnesium is perhaps one of the most important minerals yet one of the most difficult to replenish. It is used in processes related to stress and these days there are more stresses on the human body than ever.

The extra bonus of new technology frequencies hitting the adrenals, and toxic air and water (mercury, copper, nitrates) are new features to modern living.

It’s difficult to get magnesium through food if you don’t eat foods rich in magnesium. It’s difficult to get it through supplements if you don’t get the right form.  Some forms are better absorbed than others and you have a lot of trial and error ahead before figuring out what works for you.

How low can you go? Let’s put it this way. I drank en entire bottle of magnesium citrate and nothing happened except a bit of gurgle in my stomach. The next day I drank Epsom salts in water and – nada. My body soaked that magnesium up like a sponge taking in water.

No, I didn’t panic and think obstruction or entertain other fantasies of doom. I did however go online to see if this thing with magnesium citrate had happened to anyone else. As a reward for my trouble I found stories that were so hilarious I laughed til I cried. When I retold those stories I could barely breathe for laughing so hard.

I investigated liquid magnesium but balked at the thought of paying $99 for a bottle. I don’t care whose name is on it. No way. I found a nice inexpensive bottle at the local health food store and within a couple of days began to see results.**

I also came across a wonderful tip. If you have been magnesium deficient for some time your receptors may be shut off. To jump start them take the homeopathic remedy magnesia phosphorica 30c.

What about all those other minerals? I’ve been writing for over two years that Concentrace Liquid Trace minerals transformed my health (and thus, my life).  Within two weeks of taking them,, my EMF Sensitivity symptoms began to disappear.

I had long suspected a relationship between minerals and EMF Sensitivity. I even wrote about it in my book. However, I found no relief when I took minerals. Turns out it was the form. Once I switched to liquid I got better results.

I am absolutely certain that taking the liquid minerals for two years helped me rebuild depleted mineral stores for the various micro minerals necessary for good health. However, I did stop taking them several months ago when my hair turned black.

I knew that certain minerals will deposit dark color in hair when the body is saturated. I didn’t need to supplement all those trace minerals, just a few key macro minerals (potassium, magnesium, and zinc). I also wanted to stop taking copper, even in a trace amount.

I eventually restored the mineral levels to the degree my body was making enough digestive enzymes.  As a result I was able to add tablet supplements which enabled me to accelerate the process.

I take potassium asporotate, Optizinc, and magnesium asporatate by Solaray.

I still take liquid zinc, liquid potassium, and liquid magnesium (by Eidon). I add drops to a glass of fresh juice. I adjust the daily dose as my depleted stores are replenished.

This means paying attention to even subtle changes in health.

Living at the fill line has enabled me to see just how many health symptoms are the direct result of mineral depletion.

Nails. For years, I had a spot on my left thumb nail that repeatedly cracked. (painfully, as it was 1/2 way down the nail).  Additionally, my nails were brittle or soft, often tearing and shredding.  Once my mineral levels came up my nails hardened, the break went away, and they began to grow incredibly fast.

Hair. Restore magnesium and watch grey hair disappear, real time. You can literally observe color changes as your mineral levels are restored.

Red is copper. If you see red your body is saturated. Unless you are a red head this isn’t necessarily good news. It could be a sign you are copper toxic. It also could mean your body is detoxifying excess copper.

Black is zinc. As my copper levels reduced, my zinc levels went up. My hair turned black. As I replenished my magnesium my hair lightened.  Zinc supplements will turn hair black whereas zinc from food will not.

Blonde is magnesium.  I don’t know if people who are not natural blondes will find this but as my magnesium levels went up my hair lightened.

Blonde is potassium.   When we lived in Florida my mom, dad, and brother went blonder than blonde. I was always stumped why my hair continued to darken to a dark blonde then light brown. Unbeknownst to me, the medication I was taking after the brain surgery was depleting my potassium stores. . This caused my hair to change to a color that was not natural for me. As I’ve rebuilt my potassium stores my hair has lightened back to its natural blonde color.

Because I am still falling below minimums at times, my hair color changes, then changes back.

Like hour to hour and/or day to day.  It’s a good way to figure out what’s going on.

I’m so close to the minimums that eating or drinking the wrong thing can push me under. It usually takes 3 days to restore minimums after this happens. During the rebuilding, I suffer various symptoms. It’s not a good time though I’m learning a lot.

Teeth. For years dentists have been telling us that teeth are yellow from coffee, tea, and cigarettes. Maybe. If those products lowered the body’s magnesium levels then they would be indirectly responsible. To get white teeth, restore your magnesium levels.

Your gums will be healthier as well.

What about fluoride? When levels are high enough, fluoride softens tooth enamel. A tribe in Africa takes advantage of this and files their teeth to points. How would you know when you’ve had enough fluoride to soften your enamel? Everyone’s personal threshold varies. What is fine for some people is too much for others. Makes you think about what might really be behind those cavities.

For more information on the effect of nutrition on oral health and teeth, see the work of Dr. Weston Price, DDS.  The Weston Price Foundation is an amazing source of valuable information.

It has been an interesting experience living at the fill line. I have a better idea of how my body prioritizes functions based on which symptoms have reversed. When my magnesium levels began coming up, the first to go was lower back and joint pain.

Good news for those suffering rheumatoid arthritis.

I regained my ability to eat foods I once had an intolerance to.

Specifically, grains and milk. However, I limit my intake as I’m still restoring health levels.

I began to sleep through the night.

When my magnesium levels were low I woke up every 90 minutes or so. I suspect once I restored the mineral levels, I had enough to produce melatonin, something EMF Sensitive people are low in.

In a future article I will discuss artificial hormones and enzyme supplements.

**I saw results after one dose (2 pellets) of 30c magnesia phosphorica by Boiron.


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