Good Mineral, Bad Mineral – Zinc and Copper

615x200_ds-photo_199_46_fotolia_684004_XSOne of the unknowns that has haunted me throughout the last year is why I suffered periodical setbacks for no apparent reason.

How could I prevent a relapse if I didn’t know what caused it in the first place?

I would be feeling great and as if the worst was behind me, and suddenly I was experiencing certain symptoms again…when nothing obvious had changed.  These setbacks were more than frustrating, they were emotionally devastating.

I’d been doing so well, I’d been feeling so good, what happened?  It wasn’t fair!

Back to Basics. My entire approach to reversing EMF Sensitivity and Rheumatic Arthritis has been systematic. I have observed numerous cause and effect scenarios that enabled me to take steps in the direction of recovery.

And then out of nowhere, a curveball.

When we first moved to our current home I was definitely on the mend, Then, approximately six months later, I was sliding backward and feeling as bad if not worse, than I did back in the East Bay, where this  health nightmare originated. I learned I was drinking the same contaminated water.

Our city gets its water from 3 different sources.  One of them is the exact source that supplies the East Bay.  This is not a gift from the north.

Not all setbacks can be so easily explained though they can be easily remedied once you understand the problem.

An inexpensive Brita filter system from Target that filters out copper and mercury has done wonders for our return to health.

As a result of all this hoopla I have come to understand the good and bad associated with copper and zinc.

Hint: Zinc good, copper bad.

The youth mineral. High copper drives down both potassium and zinc. With low zinc levels you feel old. Your skin and hair become very dry. Your nails will be brittle and discolored. You have a difficult time finding motivation.

You could call zinc the procrastination mineral. When it’s low you procrastinate. When it’s balanced you get things done.

If your zinc levels are healthy you will not need moisturizer. Your hair will be in good condition and you will feel optimistic about life, even when there are challenges before you.

You will have the mental wherewithal to tackle what life throws at you.

The emotion mineral. I would go so far as to call copper the mineral of hopelessness and despair for this is what happens when you have too much of it.

It’s so bad you feel it’s pointless to even try to fix something. What’s the point, it won’t matter anyway becomes your mantra.

Fortunately for me, I know myself well enough to know this isn’t how I am. If I’m feeling this way, something is wrong.

I write of my struggle to understand this insidious symptom in my book Riding the Waves Diagnosing, Treating, and Living with EMF Sensitivity.

The mental and emotional damage from copper overload doesn’t stop there. Your mind races to the degree you cannot concentrate and you also feel paranoid.

Because I knew there was no logical explanation for these problems I repeatedly talked myself out of them. As I said, I knew this was not me so I refused to let myself act on these foreign feelings.

When you balance copper out, when you bring down high levels, your mental and emotional state returns to normal.

I used to say I felt like someone had poured molasses over my brain. That feeling disappears. You are able to concentrate. You no longer feel any of the weird, inexplicable negative emotions, such as hopelessness, despair, and paranoia. You feel calm again.  You feel hope again.

Here is an interesting tidbit. Zinc and copper cancel each other out. To bring copper down, take zinc. To bring zinc down, take copper.

You do not want to bring zinc down!

In dealing with high copper,, the ideal way to get zinc is to eat red meat. There is no substitute for nutrition from food. None. Nothing manmade is even close.

Supplements help but will eventually turn your hair black.

Food is the best way to get your nutrition and nothing beats red meat for zinc.  Eggs and chicken do not have enough zinc to get the copper down.

It has been noted that copper toxicity is a bigger problem for vegetarians and vegans.

Vitamin C also helps lower copper levels but it can interfere with zinc absorption.

Don’t take it if you are about to eat a hamburger.

With kids. I didn’t want my kids to go through the side effects associated with detoxing copper yet I knew they were affected.

My daughter’s racing mind was interfering with her schooling and my son became whiny and restless.

In addition to the supplements and nutrition regimen they follow, they get a daily dose of liquid zinc (5 drops).

I removed the liquid zinc drops for a period of four days and the high copper symptoms returned.

There are physical signs of high copper, such as a pale complexion, but it’s really how you feel that will tell the tale.

High copper = Feeling terrible and hopeless.  If you find yourself thinking what’s the point, beware!

There are physical signs of low zinc, such as dry skin and hair and a sunken look around your eyes, but it’s how you feel that will tell the tale.

Low zinc = Feeling old, very very old.

Medical implications.  I can’t help but wonder how many patients being treated for depression are simply copper toxic and don’t need medication at all. I wonder about conspiracy theorists and their feelings of paranoia. Could it be a simple mineral imbalance? Are those who can’t keep tNew Year’s Resolutions simply low in zinc?  And all those kids on medication after being diagnosed with ADD?  They are probably just copper toxic and simply lowering those levels and raising the zinc would result in all symptoms of ADD vanishing.  Without pharmaceutical intervention.

There are parents who have “cured” their child’s ADD after cleaning up their diet.

Odds and Ends.  If your zinc is low your blood sugar will yo-yo.  If your copper is high, your sense of time passing will be affected.  You will feel a panicky sense of urgency,, like if some certain thing doesn’t happen, disaster will result.  You also feel as if more time has passed than has actually passed.

In a future article I will be writing about the real trick to the law of attraction.

Hint: You can think all the positive thoughts you want ,but if you are lacking health you won’t be able to get your vibration up.


4 thoughts on “Good Mineral, Bad Mineral – Zinc and Copper”

  1. Heavy metal detox, especially mobilizing and eliminating copper is not for the faint of heart. After reading your blog and books, I now understand better why my attempt at doing so (using the Nutritional Balancing program of Dr. Larry Wilson) was unsuccessful a few years back. Although his program is wonderful in theory, as you’ve correctly concluded, each person is unique and therefore not every aspect of a specific protocol will be beneficial to the client. I learned the hard way to always believe and listen to the messages my body is giving me vs. following the ‘shoulds’ of a protocol, exactly as you have pointed out. When I address these issues again, it will be done with a much deeper understanding and respect for my body’s innate wisdom as well as incorporating energy medicine techniques to support the process. I feel very blessed to be able to piggyback vicariously on your wealth of experience, Elizabeth. It will definitely make my second journey along this path infinitely easier! Blessings.

    1. Sherry: This is an excellent comment. I believe it helps to hear other people’s experiences because it tells us if anyone else is going through what we are or having the results we are, good or bad. Too many evangelists of therapies, both alternative and allopathic, preach one remedy or one philosophy or one therapy/protocol without explaining that the therapy may not be suitable for everyone. They also fail to explain the energy and time that an individual has to put in as part of any healing journey. Too many people want a quick fix and I believe that is why they like pills that make the symptoms disappear. Out of sight out of mind as it were. They don’t want to put in the time and effort to understand the underlying issues, and even those who do, such as myself, often underestimate just how intense the journey and how trying it can be. Detoxing is like loosening a piece of chipped mortar in a wall. Once you start cleaning out the small little pieces the bigger ones behind come loose and start tumbling out. The next thing you know you have acquired a second full-time job – healing. It is a difficult journey to be sure but one well worth it for restored health is on the other end. Best of luck in your endeavors. Hold the end goal in sight – restored health.

  2. Although some conspiracy theories are true, my father was spiraling into Alzheimer’s for a couple of years. When we got the final diagnosis, the doctor prescribed Aricept but it didn’t really have any obvious benefit (sometimes it doesn’t). I got on the Internet and learned that low zinc is always one of the symptoms of an Alzheimer’s patient (many doctors aren’t trained in this). Plus, my parents had copper pipes, are vegan, and get plenty of chocolate — three things that increase dramatically the chance of high copper in the blood… I immediately began double-dosing Dad daily in zinc…. In 48 hours (!) his clarity returned to what it was several years ago and he hasn’t slid back since.

    Pretty amazing.

    1. Hello Charlie: Thank you for sharing your inspiring story. I am happy for you and your family that you were able to reverse your father’s symptoms with the zinc therapy. In my experience, replenishing lost minerals does wonders for a variety of cognitive processes. I have cured fog brain and a racy mind among other symptoms. I also think it’s important that people understand there are alternatives out there. Nutritional healing goes back centuries. Modern pharmaceutical to the latter half of the 20th century. There are certainly times when allopathic medicine is appropriate but healthy eating and good nutrition are always important. Thank you for taking the time to share your story. I know it will benefit others.

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