Step Two: Rebuild

Best-way-to-build-creditWhen it comes to reversing autoimmune disease, Steps 1 and 2 actually need to be done simultaneously. This is because while it’s true that there are toxic substances, often heavy metals, that directly contribute to developing an autoimmune disease, the  primary factor is that the body is deprived of the nutrition it needs to function. Namely, the minerals responsible for producing hormones and enzymes.

Heavy metals block the absorption of these crucial minerals.

As I explained previously, heavy metals such as mercury and inorganic copper can block the absorption of minerals such as magnesium, potassium, and zinc. If the levels of the metals get too high while the mineral stores go too low, autoimmune conditions can and often will develop. To reverse the condition you need to remove the heavy metals but also rebuild depleted mineral stores.

Rebuilding depleted stores is much more difficult than you might imagine.

Food intolerance. Chances are, if you have an autoimmune condition you have intolerance to certain foods.

Probably dairy and gluten.

Such intolerances develop when the body lacks the enzymes to properly digest these foods. The body produces the necessary enzymes from minerals.  Without enough of the proper minerals, the body is unable to produce the enzymes and food intolerance is the result.

Hint: Restore the minerals and the body can make the necessary enzymes. Food intolerances disappear.

During the rebuild stage, at least initially, it is best to eliminate any foods that stress the body. These include foods that may cause minor reactions not considered a true allergy.

Many people are able to eat these foods once they heal their condition. However, if enough time goes by, you may lose an interest.

It is possible to eat these foods occasionally during the healing process but be aware that you could suffer a setback as a result.

If I use regular milk instead of almond milk in my cappuccino one day I’m fine, but two in a row will result in symptoms. A month ago I could not tolerate even one.

Eating to replenish mineral stores is a bit like navigating a minefield. If you eat the wrong food you can lose any ground you gained in your recovery. Pay attention to your symptoms and you’ll naturally figure out what you can eat and what you can’t.

Go by personal experience not what happens to someone else. Popular wisdom suggests that people recovering from adrenal exhaustion (precursor to all autoimmune disease) not drink any caffeine. I cannot tolerate coffee but I enjoy one cappuccino on most days. I don’t crave it but I do feel better if I drink it than otherwise. Espresso and coffee both contain minerals, including magnesium and potassium.

The body will eat. Most if not all autoimmune diseases, including cancer, are the result of the body’s desperate move for survival. If we don’t provide good sources of the nutrients, it needs it will begin cannibalizing itself in order to keep functioning. If we don’t provide minerals through fruits and vegetables and meat, the body will begin consuming its own tissue, including bone and muscle.

Why do you think the joints of those with rheumatic arthritis are so misshapen? Why do you think people with osteoporosis have thin brittle bones? The body is leeching them to get the minerals necessary to make hormones and enzymes required for life.

Out with the bad – and the good. It is possible to do more harm than good when detoxing because it’s possible to remove important minerals alongside the heavy metals. For this reason it is critical to provide yourself with solid and consistent sources of nutrition.

Although nutritional supplements can certainly aid in this part of the recovery they cannot take the place of the fruits, vegetables, and meats that provide the nutrition necessary for recovery.

Pick your sources wisely. The most important rule is to make sure what you eat is nutrient dense. The next most important is to avoid foods that make things worse.

Only you know what you can and can’t eat. Don’t go by what others can or can’t eat. Pay attention!

Popular wisdom suggests eating organic.  While this is ideal in terms of reducing toxic load it isn’t always the answer.

Organic farmers use the same contaminated water to water their crops as regular farmers.  Mercury and inorganic copper will still be in the organic foods at higher levels as a result.

The bad is good sometimes. Alcohol and coffee can be excellent sources of minerals and other nutrients.

For people with autoimmune conditions it is often better to get the nutrients in liquid form. They are absorbed more quickly and do not go through the same compromised digestive system.

IPA is a good source of magnesium.

I was disgusted to learn that many brewing companies removed magnesium from the water they use in brewing beer. With many Americans deficient in this critical mineral this is nothing short of irresponsible. However, UPA, a staple for many microbrews, still contains magnesium.

I will write more on replenishing minerals as part of reversing autoimmune disease soon.


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