Odds and Observations

mason-jar-sewing-kit-materialsBefore I provide more detail on the role of minerals in reversing EMF Sensitivity and autoimmune disease, I wanted to share odds and observations., small pieces of the whole that may otherwise be lost in translation.  These are based on my personal experience, my observations, and/or my research.

Much of this information is available on the web and at public and university libraries. You have to dig for it. Or, as written in a report on the challenge of nitrates in California groundwater

Much data is available on groundwater in California, but too much of it is poorly organized, not in electronic format or hidden by secrecy rules.

The author continues

State agencies should declare areas at risk of nitrate and salinity contamination. Many domestic well users will not know of contamination without such official declarations. And local governments and interests are likely to lack capacity or incentive to address long-term groundwater contamination issues without the state agencies.

This applies to nitrates, which is separate from  mercury and copper contamination. Imagine living in an area where you have all three?

Given the Bay Area’s history with agriculture, I suspect I did.

Hair, skin, nails. I mentioned this before but hair, skin, and nails are wonderful barometers of health. I observed the following:

Too much calcium will take the curl and moisture out of the hair. This can be due to hard water or calcium supplements.

People who have high copper will have high calcium. These people could do more harm than good by taking calcium supplements. Only a hair mineral analysis can reveal whether someone is deficient to the extent it warrants calcium supplementation.

Calcium supplements can cause neuropathy and sciatica.

When I stopped taking the supplements, I recovered. My symptoms were sciatic pain as well as a pulsing in my foot near the site of a stress fracture. It took 72 hours for it to completely resolve. However, once I stopped taking the calcium supplement the pulsing went from every 3 seconds to every 7 to every 11, then once a minute, and after three days, disappeared. So did the sciatica. I had been taking a cal-mag supplement of 1000 mg each for two weeks.  One morning I woke up with that icky sensation in my foot.

When I restored my potassium levels my EMF Sensitivity disappeared entirely.

Potassium is an electrolyte and plays an important role in the electrical communications in our bodies. I will write more about this EMF Sensitivity mineral soon.

EMFs from Wi-Fi and other electronics induce a flight or flee response from the adrenal glands. This depletes them of hormones. This, in turn, causes magnesium – the stress mineral – to become severely depleted. Once one mineral is depleted, others will follow. Without enough mineral stores to manufacture critical hormones our glandular system, including the pancreas, will begin to exhaust. If this continues the glands will fail. Severe magnesium and/or potassium loss can result in death.

Personal technology is new to society. Our bodies need time to adapt and evolve to the degree that the EMFs emitted by this technology no longer invoke an adrenal response. This may take two generations or more, depending on other factors.

Restoring magnesium, potassium, and zinc levels while lowering toxic metals should enable the body to heal and adapt to the technology frequencies.

Grey hair and thinning hair can be reversed with juicing.

This has been known for decades. One owner of a hair salon said “Oh, yes, we know this but we don’t tell anyone because they wouldn’t dye their hair.” Okay, now you know. At least, if you are reading this… oh, and yes, your thinning hair may start to grow back. Jay Korda mentions this in his book but I’ve seen it first hand.

Brain fog is a direct result of mineral deficiency and/or metal toxicity.

Get the toxic stuff out and the good stuff in and it’s gone.

When mineral balance is restored there is a significantly reduced need for moisturizer.

As I continued the nutritional healing, allergies disappeared, including food intolerances.

Actually, once I started drinking that filtered water the food intolerances disappeared.  Including gluten intolerance. I believe this is because resources, such as enzymes, were diverted from digestion to deal with the toxic metals.  Remove the toxic metals and the enzymes can do the job they were designed to do.  Dairy and gluten intolerance is a very very recent issue.  Very recent.

Old wounds healed and scars either faded or disappeared.  My nails and hair grow much faster.

One application of nail polish (2 coats) destroyed my nails immediately.

They had been healthy and strong and fast growing. I put the polish on in late November and my nails are just now recovering. They shredded and ripped for weeks, even after I removed the polish.

Mineral imbalances will cause color changes in hair.

Your child may not be a towhead. He or she may have a severe mineral imbalance. If corrected, the color will lighten significantly.

Red hair may be a sign of copper toxicity.

Once you restore the balance, back off the supplements. Too much of anything can be harmful.

Try to get your nutrients from food. The easiest quickest way is fresh juicing.

I have changed the juice recipe to reflect the need. I add cilantro for heavy metal detoxification, and ginger because it helps, and a variety of fruits and vegetables that provide whatever minerals we require.

Simply filtering out the mercury and copper in our drinking water has done wonders for the members of this family, including the plants.

We use it to brush our teeth too. My peace lily perked up for the first time in months. I thought it was dying. Well, it was – the water was killing it. I noticed a similar effect in another houseplant.

Water alone probably won’t cause the devastation. Other factors contribute.

If you take medications that deplete your mineral stores or that contain mercury as a binder you are setting yourself up for toxic overload. Birth control pills raise copper levels. Other medications deplete other minerals while potentially raising toxic levels of metals.

The people in the Bay Area who are suffering from the sensation of bugs crawling under their skin are very likely suffering from the same source problem. Too much copper which drives down potassium. They are mostly women so I suspect at least some of them took or are taking birth control pills.

Low potassium can result in horrible itching. Restore the potassium levels and you eliminate the itching.

If the bug sensation is similar to the “purring” I felt in my foot – which was a very creepy sensation – then it’s too much calcium.

I told my husband it felt like there was a cat purring in my foot.  Very creepy.

Lower the copper and calcium levels and the symptoms should disappear.

These people are not imagining things.

When is something a disease? If you are diagnosed with a disease and you take medicine for it – and the disease goes away – you are cured of the disease. What if you are diagnosed with a disease and you take mineral supplements  and the symptoms totally disappear? Did you have a disease or a mineral deficiency?

This might suggest there is no such thing as an autoimmune disease, only severe mineral deficiency that can lead to the total breakdown of health.

Restoring potassium levels eliminated my EMF Sensitivity. Restoring testosterone levels through DHEA supplementation eliminated my rheumatic arthritis entirely.

That one is too detailed to go into but I can state it as a fact. People can do what they want with that information.

I will write more on minerals and the role they play in healing.

Hint: Minerals are required to manufacture hormones. Without hormones our health declines. If this goes on long enough, or if the wrong hormones decline too drastically, we die.


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