Charge That Battery

ac_chargerImagine you are on your laptop and it isn’t plugged in. You decide to play a few hundred rounds of Freecell to break the writer’s block you’re suffering. It works and you launch your manuscript editor, MS Word. All is well.


You return from a bathroom break and get back to work.  Suddenly, your system shuts down.  Dead battery!  HUH?  You’ve done the Freecell/MS Word dance plenty of times and didn’t drain your battery!  What happened?!

Unbeknownst to you, your child had been playing a network game on your system and shrunk the window instead of hitting the X.  You didn’t notice, but another program had been competing for and draining precious system resources.  As a result, the battery drained more quickly than normal and the system crashed.

What’s really a drag is that the programs that lost out were the ones important to you.

Let’s say you plug the battery charger in but you unplug it before it fully charges.  This is what it’s like to try and restore your mineral balance when you are suffering from an autoimmune condition.

Why? Minerals are used to make hormones and hormones, like cortisol and adrenaline, are used up at an incredible rate when you are under stress.

Stress includes anything that uses up hormones, including workouts, getting married, getting a new job, dealing with a crabby kid, a crabby boss, or a host of other energy sapping day to day events.  In other words, it isn’t all emotional and mental.

Stress is also anything that prevents your body from absorbing the minerals needed to rebuild depleted stores.

Think drinking water that drives up nonorganic copper stores and/or with high levels of mercury that prevent magnesium absorption.

If you don’t replace the minerals needed to make more of those crucial hormones, the body begins to cannibalize its bones and tissues in order to maintain the levels needed to keep going. After a few months or years of doing this, your health begins to fail.

This is when the autoimmune symptoms show up.

If you do not address the underlying mineral deficiencies your health will deteriorate and you will very likely die.

Taking artificial hormones may fill a gap but it doesn’t correct the underlying problem.

If you suffer from an autoimmune condition, the very first place to focus is on your mineral stores.

In the case of EMF Sensitivity, make potassium your priority, followed by magnesium and zinc.

Form over function. For a variety of reasons, many people are unable to metabolize the minerals they take, either through supplements or food.

It’s no coincidence people who live in areas with less sun suffer more autoimmune conditions.  If you don’t get enough Vitamin D, you will not metabolize the minerals you ingest.

I found that liquid minerals were a much better option for me. When I began taking CocenTrace Liquid Mins, my own levels finally began to rise.

By drinking homemade fresh fruit/vegetable juice daily they skyrocketed and eventually I was able to metabolize supplements in pill form. This put me over the top in recovery.

Hit that X.  Find what non-essential conditions are sucking up your precious resources.

i.e. toxic work environment, toxic relationships, nutrient empty junk foods, not unplugging from social media, constantly reading bad/sad/frightening headlines, etc.

Shut them down.

Find the X and hit it.  

While replenishing depleted mineral stores is imperative, plugging the holes that drain them is equally so.

In an upcoming article I will explain why the RDA levels are likely too low to maintain health, let alone reverse an autoimmune condition.



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