Keep Your Eye on the Gold

Gold MineWhile minerals play an important role in reversing autoimmune conditions, it isn’t simply a matter of pop a mineral supplement and be cured. Such an oversimplistic view does an injustice to the complexity of an autoimmune condition.

Who or What is Stealing Your Gold?

The human body is truly an amazing design, in spite of what some people think.

Outside of medical prosthetics, I have to wonder what  emotional hole is behind the drive to combine human greatness with inferior man-made robotic parts.

Unfortunately, today’s media and the medical community’s marketing paint us as weak flawed diseased beings. This simply isn’t true. The human body is capable of healing from almost anything thrown at it.

As a species we have survived plagues and other challenges. We are not weak.

But you have to let it heal. This means removing obstacles that would hinder such an effort and providing it with what it needs to do so.

Mining for Gold. What helps the body recover?

Rest. My dad used to tell me to watch how our cat handled adversity.  He pointed out that the cat, a creature of nature, slept when it needed to recover from an illness or injury.

It didn’t force itself to go hunt mice or birds. It rested.

He went on to explain that humans would do well to learn from nature and rest in order to give the body time to recharge and heal.

Not pop pills that mask the symptoms and go back to work without resting.

Nutrition. One of the greatest ironies for me in all of this is the fact that even as I earned a degree with a focus on nutritional healing, I paid lip service to minerals.

Like vitamins, they were just an RDA number and something we could get from popping a pill. Oh, how wrong I was.

The RDA guidelines are practically useless when it comes to staying healthy. The guidelines do not take into account the individual stressors that are continuously tearing at the body, mind, and spirit.

How could they when these are variables (i.e. economic health, political climate, environmental factors) that change continuously and dramatically?

These stressors deplete the body’s resources and drive higher the nutritional values needed to rebuild depleted stores.

Not to mention, due to a variety of factors, many people don’t absorb the full value of what they take, in either supplement form or via meals.

Peace. This needs to appear in both the what do you need and what is interfering categories. Peace is something we need in order to recover, and situations and individuals who interefere with our ability to get it need to go.

Mining for Gold. What hurts a recovery?

Hint: It’s probably the very factor(s) that brought on the autoimmune condition in the first place.

Chronic Stress. It’s almost a buzzword. It’s certainly lost its impact, now little more than watered down lip service to describe what is, in reality, a serious threat to health and well-being. Part of the challenge may be that it’s hard to quantify. What is stressful to one person isn’t necessarily to another.

Ironically, this could be due to a lack of enough “gold” to handle what might otherwise be a minor annoyance.

While I’ve seen mention of reducing stress in medical literature, I’ve yet to see someone state in black and white what that means.

Hint: It isn’t taking a yoga class or meditating.

I’ve only seen one doctor mention moving away from family if they are abusive. I’ve yet to see any medical professional advise to quit a stressful job.

I did have my own personal physician advise me to quit a Fortune 500 job. He was appalled by what I told him of the environment in which I worked.  Not much older than me, he insisted that no job was worth losing your health.  I wish I’d listened instead of listing all the reasons I couldn’t leave, such as an economic downturn that made for a challenging employment landscape.

I’ve yet to see a medical professional come out and say that it might mean getting a divorce and/or walking away from an abusive relationship.

Well, I’m going to come out and say it – getting rid of stress means walking away from situations and people that deplete your gold.

Constant stress eats through vital chemicals that help the body function.  When those stores become too low, health spirals into the land of autoimmunity.  If something isn’t done to change the situation, death is an inevitable outcome.

I can honestly tell you that there is nothing and no one on this earth worth losing your health over. Nothing – and no one.

Reversing autoimmune conditions is about much more than mineral supplements and nutritional healing. It’s about making the right choices for your health and well-being, even when those choices seem tough.


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