Reversing Autoimmune Conditions – (Support) Considerations

615x200_ehow_images_a01_v4_se_create-successful-help-wanted-ad-800x800Before setting out on any journey, it’s important to prepare.  This is especially true of the journey of recovery from an illness.

Companions.  Who is brave enough to accompany you on this important life-changing journey?  Perhaps more important, who is qualified to?  Hint:  It isn’t your doctor.  

He/she plays a different role.

If you were to take out an ad it might read something like this:

Wanted.  Friend to accompany me on a life-changing journey toward improved health.  Length of journey unknown.  Medical background not required.  Must have patience.  Compassion important.  Cheerleading skills a plus, though splits and pyramids not required.  Willing to do light housework, run errands, and prepare meals, including nutritious healing juices.  Division of labor negotiable.  Sense of humor and optimism important.

I was fortunate to live with my support system.

My husband and kids have been my biggest supporters throughout the twisty turney path of recovery.

My husband takes the same mineral and vitamin supplements I do, and drinks the same juices.  He has noticed a significant improvement in his own health and energy levels, and his hair is going from gray back to brown.

Be very choosy about who you have for support.  They will help or hinder your progress so make sure they don’t have a vested interest in the status quo.

I know of a situation in which the spouse of someone suffering EMF Sensitivity continuously brings problematic triggers into the home.  Either the person doesn’t believe the technology is causing the spouse to be sick or is happy with the way things are…with the spouse sick.

For help dealing with such an individual, read Dr. Harriet Lerner’s The Dance of Anger.

Support is important.  If you can identify at least one member of your household to help you outline and follow a healing protocol, you will improve your chances of reversing the condition entirely.

Sometimes I was too tired to cook or make the juice.  My husband took over these duties, along with other chores, and as a result, my recovery was accelerated.  

If you are a single parent, see if you can find a friend or neighbor to help.  Also, do not discount the ability of even young children to provide the love and moral support you need.

There is nothing like hearing kids cheering because you went an entire day with no pain, or were able to sleep through the night without waking up every hour and a half.

Sanity Check.  An important job for the support person is to help you remain calm during the often chaotic return to health.

Detox is fun – not!

This person can remind you that having down days is a normal part of the process.  They can keep you from giving up because you feel worse before getting better.

This is particularly true when you are detoxing copper.

This person can help you not freak out when you lose copious amounts of hair in the shower.  Hint:  The detoxing is working.  Btw:  The hair grows back – often quicker than ever thanks to the nutrition you give it.

Lend Me Your Ear.  Having someone you provide updates to helps you measure how far you’ve come even when it seems as if you’ll never get better.

Kids are especially good at this part.  They may not understand it all but they know how to listen and how to love unconditionally.

Before starting on your journey to recovery, be sure you find worthy companions.  You not only owe it to yourself, you deserve the best.


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