Reversing Autoimmune Conditions – Mind Your Stores

gold-barsI am sharing what I’ve learned from reversing both rheumatic arthritis and EMF Sensitivity, both autoimmune conditions.  As of this writing, I am free of pain and debilitating fatigue.  Yesterday was the third consecutive day with no negative impact from being around WiFi.

It all began with minerals but more on that later.  

When it comes to reversing autoimmune conditions it would be helpful to consider your body a processing house and an intermediary.  Every day we receive “gold” in the form of smiles, (hopefully nutritious) food, exercise, a sense of accomplishment, and other positive tangibles that add to our stores.

Additionally, every day we face withdrawals in the form of drivers who cut us off, lack of adequate sleep, unreasonable demands at work, and a host of other negative tangibles that deplete our stores.

In order to maintain good health we need to mind our stores.  It’s imperative to identify the sources of the “gold” added in and the sources of that which depletes those stores.  While both are important, it’s crucial to understand what and who depletes the stores.  Put simply, when our stores get too low, severe illness (read autoimmune) is the result.

As you begin the journey of reversing an autoimmune condition, it’s helpful to consider this system of “merit and demerit” as you go forward.  This is because, as you become more aware of what is draining you and what heals you, you will have many choices to make. Merits help, demerits don’t.

It isn’t as simple as dumping everything that drains and only keeping what adds to our stores.  Life does not work that way.

It would be a worthwhile exercise to identify all the people, situations, and other items that drain your reserves.  Next, identify the people, situations, and other items that build them.

Write them down for later analysis.  Identification is a first key step in reversing the autoimmune condition.  You have to figure out what is contributing to, or causing it in the first place.

 In order for the body to heal you have to remove as many of the negative tangibles as possible and keep a healthy balance of the positive ones.

It’s possible to have too much of a good thing.  Consider the car that is filled with gas but the hose is left in, continuing to pump in the fuel.  Eventually, it will spill over.

The next step is to consider how strong or sick you are.  Healing takes energy and the chances are, you will find yourself with episodes of feeling worse before you are better.

Another aspect of strength to consider is whether or not you are willing or able to make the essential changes necessary for healing.  These may include leaving a toxic work environment or relationship,.

Romantic relationships are far from the only sources of stress.  Friendships and family relationships can be very toxic.

It may mean moving to another location.  It could also mean admitting you hate your field of study and changing or leaving university if you realize it honestly isn’t for you.

This is where being honest with yourself is not only helpful, it’s key.

The next step in reversing an autoimmune condition is having a few medical tests.  Specifically, blood work and hair analysis.

You are looking for mineral deficiencies and excess heavy metals.

I suggest paying particular attention to levels of mercury, copper, magnesium, potassium, and zinc.

I honestly believe that mineral deficiencies, along with the associated heavy metal toxicities, are responsible for all autoimmune conditions.  This is because minerals are needed to make the hormones in our bodies.  Several autoimmune diseases are associated with the body’s inability to manufacture necessary hormones.

There are startling similarities between symptoms of diabetes and symptoms of potassium deficiency.

Blood work alone will not tell you what is going on with your body.  The body is a regulating machine.  It must maintain certain levels of various components or we will die.  Therefore, blood work often shows levels as normal even though there is a severe deficiency.

There is a simple reason for this.  If we aren’t getting the minerals and nutrients we need to maintain health, our bodies will cannibalize its own muscle and bone in order to maintain minimum levels.  I’m sure you can imagine the damage if this went on unchecked.

In addition to minerals, look at vitamin and hormone levels.

Pay attention to vitamin D which is not a vitamin at all, but a hormone produced by our adrenals.

The next step is to remove as much stress from your life as you possibly can.  The sooner you begin to eliminate the situations that drain your reserves, the sooner your body can start to recover.

While some sources of stress will be obvious, others will be dangerously hidden.  For instance, if the water you are drinking is high in mercury and copper you could find yourself dangerously low in magnesium.

Mercury blocks absorption of magnesium and excess copper wreaks havoc with our health.  

Since our bodies are always trying to maintain base levels, once a mineral goes out of balance, others are pulled out as the body attempts to reestablish balance.

I will write further on the role of minerals in autoimmune conditions, including and especially EMF Sensitivity, but I have at least given you a place to start.


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