EMF Sensitivity and Mineral Deficiency

The deeper I dig the more I learn about the likely root cause of not only EMF Sensitivity but all autoimmune diseases. Mineral deficiency.

The path of health deterioration related to mineral deficiency is incredibly complex, making it difficult to identify. However, it is not unheard of.

The US government was warned in the early 20th century of the dangers of mineral deficiency in our soils and therefore our food, and the  likely health problems that would arise as a result.

Ironically, I’d read about this while earning my doctorate in holistic health.

 Nutritional healing was a keystone of the discipline.

While I found the tidbit interesting, I shrugged it off, considering it a problem in developing nations where access to nutritious food was often almost nonexistent.

 I  also felt that if it were as big a problem as the author suggested, the American public would be more aware of it.

Yet even as medical professionals have written about the link between mineral deficiency and poor health, many continue to blame outside factors such as bacterial and viral infections, thereby overlooking simpler causes.

Simpler does not mean easy to correct, however, something I discovered first hand.

In the near future I will be providing more information along with the steps I took to finally and completely rid myself of EMF Sensitivity symptoms. In the meantime I suggest that those suffering from EMF Sensitivity consider getting a mineral hair analysis done. The results of such a test will not only tell you of any mineral deficiencies, it can tell you if you have high levels of heavy metals such as mercury, lead, or cadmium in your system.

Although the dangers of high levels of these toxins are understood, perhaps overlooked is that these metals can actually block the absorption of minerals such as magnesium and potassium. So not only are they toxic, they may be exacerbating any mineral deficiencies.

Shortly after realizing that ConcenTrace liquid Trace Minerals had a dramatic effect on my EMF Sensitivity symptoms, I had my husband take them.

While he hadn’t shown severe symptoms, I had long suspected he was affected by whatever was making me sick.  I’d talked to him about subtle signs back when we lived in the East Bay but because they were so subtle, he shrugged them off.

One of those symptoms had been his hair rather suddenly going grey. At the time we joked that it was because of new fatherhood and the stress that went with it, but it’s now looking like it was from the same root cause as my EMF Sensitivity symptoms; mineral deficiency and magnesium deficiency in particular.

 After my recent relapse I totally changed my approach to treating my EMF Sensitivity.  A big part of that change was nutrition based, including juicing and nutritional supplements.

To better support my efforts, my husband adhered to most of the changes, eating the same foods, drinking the juices, and taking the same supplements. The result? My EMF Sensitivity symptoms reversed and disappeared.  His  grey hair is disappearing as well. All the new growth is his natural color, dark brown. No grey.

If you have any autoimmune disease I feel it would be a good idea to have a mineral hair analysis.  I do believe mineral deficiencies are at the root of many if not all autoimmune diseases.  

Severe potassium deficiency symptoms are eerily similar to those of juvenile diabetes.




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