Addiction or Health Tonic? Alcohol

While searching for ways to treat my EMF Sensitivity, I observed that, for me, drinking red wine or a margarita significantly reduced and sometimes eliminated the life-altering symptoms.  In fact, whenever I craved red wine or margaritas, I knew I was being hit by problematic electromagnetic frequencies.

I have never been a foo foo drink aficionado.  I was never a big fan of margaritas, so when I began to crave them I really paid attention.

I became concerned when, after years of living with this horrible condition, even with all my remedies, I continued to crave the alcoholic beverages.  Had I become addicted or was there real therapeutic value at work? 

For a period of about 12 to 18 months, I drank red wine or a margarita pretty much every evening.  I did not drink to the point of getting drunk and I always made sure I ate dinner before, during, or after.  I couldn’t dispute the fact that the symptoms were dramatically reduced and sometimes eliminated after the alcohol.

There were times when after only two sips the pain or foggy headed feeling disappeared.

I knew that alcohol, and red wine in particular, had health benefits, including anti-inflammatory properties.

 I had come to realize that EMF Sensitivity is an autoimmune condition, complete with inflammation that results in pain and other debilitating symptoms.

I felt better about the frequency of consumption but I still worried that beneath it all I was becoming addicted.

My husband and kids were always with me.  They repeatedly assured me they saw zero evidence that I was addicted or ever out of control, or even close to being out of control.  They promised to tell me if this ever changed.

It wasn’t enough to be reassured.  I have several family members who are or were alcoholics and/or drug addicts, so addiction was never far from my mind.

This created immense internal stress which is no good when you’re dealing with an autoimmune disease.  Stress reduction is imperative in treatment/recovery.

Once I began treating my condition as an autoimmune problem, I began to recover.  There came a point where I no longer wanted margaritas.

That was a time to celebrate as it meant I had turned a corner in treating the condition!

I continued to have the wine though there came a point in my healing approach when I decided to eliminate all alcohol from my diet.  Cold turkey.

It was the perfect opportunity to put my fears of potential addiction to the test. 

To my utter delight I suffered absolutely no repercussions from stopping cold- turkey.  I didn’t have any withdrawal symptoms.  I didn’t miss drinking at all.  In fact, I was relieved.  I didn’t have to have a drink every night to feel better.  It meant that I had passed another major milestone in my recovery from a terrible health condition.

Previously, I had tried to quit on several occasions, only to find myself becoming sicker as a result.  When the alcohol was reintroduced, the EMF Sensitivity symptoms abated.

Surely, if I was addicted, I would have suffered on some level.  I would have lamented not being able to imbibe.  I would miss the drinking.  Or, I would have had some sort of physical withdrawal issue.  In fact, I experienced none of these.

Ironically, it was while I drank that I suffered.  I used to enjoy a nice glass of red wine on occasion.  When you drink it every evening because you have to for medicinal reasons?  It becomes a miserable drudgery.  In fact, it no longer even tasted good.  It had taken on all the properties of a foul tasting medicine.  I began to detest having to drink the wine.

Months later, I still have no desire to go back to drinking daily, nor do I feel I need to.  I’m in good health.  I have reversed my EMF Sensitivity.

I’m also not afraid to have alcohol if I feel like it.  I know with all my heart and soul that I am not addicted. I never was.

I believe something is addicting when it controls your life, when it controls you.  That was never the case in my situation.  For me, it was always about the therapeutic value.  When my health recovered I no longer wanted or needed the alcohol.

I recognize that alcohol addiction is a sticky subject in a country that passed the 18th Amendment.  I am simply relating my own experience.  Perhaps it will be of benefit to those curious about the health benefits of alcohol.

For more on the approach I took to finally reversing my EMF Sensitivity, see my book EMFactor X Emotional, Mental, and AutoImmune Components of EMF Sensitivity, Coming Soon.


3 thoughts on “Addiction or Health Tonic? Alcohol”

    1. Hello Kris: Thank you for commenting. Fortunately, for the both of us, it isn’t an either or situation. While there is a therapeutic benefit to alcohol in this situation it is as a remedy not a curative. The cure is to restore the mineral balance. At that time the symptoms will alleviate, as will any craving for alcohol. I will write more in an article about this. There is hope and alcoholism is not in the future of an EMF Sensitive. It is not a choice that has to be made. Restore the mineral balance and you will find relief. Elizabeth

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