EMF Sensitivity and Pain

Pain has long played a role in my EMF Sensitivity.

Beginning shortly after brain surgery for a hemorrhage, I began to suffer intense migraines before a thunderstorm would move in.

Thunderstorms emit ultra-low electromagnetic frequencies.

Starting 48 hours prior to the onset of the foul weather I experienced terrible pain that no medication could alleviate.

Prior to Imitrex, the best doctors could do was give me strong narcotics that enabled me to sleep til the system moved on.  It did nothing for the pain and left me feeling awful afterward.  In the case of codeine, I got a rebound headache almost as bad as the original migraine.  Fun.  Not.

Consultations with numerous doctors and an intense workup at a headache clinic left me with no answers.  No one understood the connection between my surgery and the weather patterns.  No one considered the role of EMFs.

I’ve recently come to understand the role of pain in EMF Sensitivity.  It’s an indicator of exposure.  If I’m feeling pain in my head?  I’m being impacted by EMFs.

This means that the ultra-low frequencies associated with thunderstorm systems actually precede them by up to two days.

Since shortly after my surgery, friends and family have speculated on the role of the metal clip in my head.  Was that somehow responsible for the pain?  I checked with specialists, including the man who put the clip in to save my life, and discovered it was unlikely the problem.  So, why was I feeling pain?  It would be decades before I got an answer.

I experience EMF Sensitivity symptoms within seconds of exposure to problematic frequencies.  If I get away from the source, the symptoms abate immediately.

This is handy for research.

It was because of this that I realized it wasn’t just my head that hurt when I was exposed to problematic frequencies.  My lower right back, my left knee, and my left thumb also ache and/or burn.  These are all locations of previous injuries. In other words, scar tissue.

With visions of Granny Clampett going on about her rheumatism in mind I came to understand the connection between scar tissue and pain as an EMF Sensitivity symptom.

While researching for my book Riding the Waves Diagnosing Treating and Living with EMF Sensitivity, I discovered that in people who are EMF Sensitive, the body interprets certain frequencies as a threat.  The immune system goes into action with a histamine response, resulting in a myriad of symptoms.

Part of the fight or flee mechanism, the body is trying to warn an individual something is wrong and action is needed.  

One of the symptoms is inflammation (swelling).  Swelling in the body can be uncomfortable.  Swelling of scar tissue, painful.  Extremely.

The anti-inflammatory nature of certain therapies supports this observation.

If I remove the source of the problematic EMFs, either by turning off an offending device or leaving the area, the pain disappears.  Instantly.

I now know that if my lower back, my thumb, my knee, and/or my head ache, I’m being exposed to problematic EMFs.  It’s an on/off switch.

This also validates the observation that one of the histamine responses is inflammation.

Although there is a histamine response, EMF Sensitivity is not an allergy.  

Anti-histamines do nothing for symptoms.

Topical Benadryl helped with the itching I experienced – about half the time.  Oral Benadryl helped some of the symptoms but made me so sleepy it wasn’t worth it.  I tried the natural anti-histamine l-methionine and had some limited success.  Only getting away from the source brings complete relief.

As I write in multiple books, an anti-inflammatory diet has brought some relief.  However, it is not a cure.


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