With EMFs, Mother Nature Trumps Man

Thanks to the therapies I’ve discovered, in spite of having severe EMF Sensitivity, I am living 95% symptom free.  There are two sources that I have yet to neutralize: Bluetooth** and Mother Nature.

Mother Nature is the more formidable of the two.

** I need to be in close proximity to Bluetooth to be affected.  If I’m in a shopping mall or outdoors, even in a crowd, I am not affected.

The two natural sources that cause the biggest health problems for me are the ultra-low and very low electromagnetic frequencies emitted by geologic fault lines and those associated with certain weather patterns.

Man-made faults created during fracking release the same problematic frequencies.

While health symptoms are frustrating, there is a more insidious problem, and it’s one that has been scientifically documented.  Meditation, creative visualization, spiritual healing, and other mind-body practices are severely impeded by Mother Nature’s frequencies.

As I wrote in Riding the Waves: Diagnosing, Treating, and Living With EMF Sensitivity, I experienced this nightmare first hand.

Trust me, getting the exact opposite of everything you work toward is a nightmare.

I later discovered that various scientists and researchers have run into similar difficulties.

Several IRVA presenters have released their findings on videos, some of which are available to non-members.  Here is an example.

Information can also be found in Lynne McTaggart’s The Intention Experiments: Using Your Thoughts to Change Your Life and The World.

I have tried various remedies, including the ones I use to alleviate physical symptoms, and those suggested by other researchers.  In my experience, nothing works against Mother Nature but getting away from the source of the problematic frequencies.

Or waiting for the weather pattern to move on.

Though other researchers claim that space weather and solar flares negatively impact their results, I have not seen any correlation in my own work.

The idea that timing and environment affect the outcome of prayers, spells, and intentions goes back millennia.  That we have scientific evidence to support such claims is not as relevant as recognizing that Mother Nature is a formidable force.  One not to be taken for granted, even in the age of man’s technological prowess.









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