Feng Shui is not a one time deal

I recently completed Feng Shui course work.  My husband was looking for a new job and I was in the midst of career planning so I decided to focus my efforts on these goals. To my delight, but not surprise, within weeks of completing the assignments, he landed the perfect job with a great company, and I was able to move forward with new projects of my own.

Including the release of Amplifying the Waves: The Role of Electromagnetic Pollution in EMF Sensitivity and the soon to be released Tequila Hangover.

Shortly after achieving our objectives, I realized changes were needed.  The cures and enhancements put in place to help anchor opportunities would soon bring stagnant energy if I didn’t make small but significant changes.

Key word small.

By simply swapping out a photo and moving a tabletop fountain, I shifted the energy in a way that would still support our career goals yet not hold us back.

I’ve been successfully working with Feng Shui since finding Terah Kathryn Collins’ The Western Guide to Feng Shui Room by Room at a Barnes & Noble Bookstore back in 1996.  I continue to see the valuable role Feng Shui principles play in achieving goals.  I also see the need to continue tweaking cures and enhancements to ensure that the very tools that help do not harm.

I suggest periodically revisiting your Feng Shui efforts to see if they are in line with your current goals.  Small changes can yield big rewards.




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