EMF Sensitivity and Weight Challenges

One of the symptoms of EMF Sensitivity is an inability to shed unwanted pounds.  In my personal experience, there are three contributing factors.


Fight or Flee Part 1  When I am exposed to problematic EMFs, my adrenals and immune system are directly impacted.  My body goes into the Fight or Flee response immediately.  As a result, massive stress coping chemicals flood my body which wreaks total havoc.  In an attempt to compensate, my body craves carbohydrates.  Under normal circumstances, my metabolism performs better with a high protein, low-carb diet.  When I am hit with problematic EMFS, I feel ill when I consume a high protein diet and feel much better eating carbohydrates.  The problem is, this causes tremendous weight gain.

Fight or Flee Part 2  Because my body was in Fight or Flee mode, it fought weight loss.  By the nature of that life-preserving physiological process, the body retains weight in order to better survive intense stress.  Of course, from a physiological point of view, that stress would have been famine or a threatening beast or marauders, and not problematic frequencies from the electromagnetic spectrum.

No Fight Left in Me  One of the worst symptoms of EMF Sensitivity for me was the debilitating exhaustion.  I barely had any energy.  There were days I could barely get out of bed, I couldn’t think straight, and I certainly had no capacity to do even basic tasks like shopping for groceries.  I was too tired to move.  I was too tired to think.  Forget exercise.

Eating a high carb diet, having a body exposed to continuous intense stress, and being too exhausted to exercise meant I couldn’t shake the weight gain.  It depressed me, too.

So, how did I finally manage to lose all the weight gain and get back in shape?  It was a slow process but it began when I got away from the problematic EMFs.  Once away from the EMFs, my body began to recover.  As time went on and I gained strength I found it easier to return to a high protein diet.

There were setbacks as I found myself unexpectedly exposed to problematic EMFs from new and surprising sources.

Once I began to strengthen my adrenals, I found that the weight began to come off.  I no longer craved carbohydrates and I had more energy to exercise.  But it was a slow process.  I had been very ill and the recovery was a long long road.

Eventually, I recovered enough that I was able to go back to exercise regularly.

I have been into sports and other exercise regimens my whole life.  My recovery from EMF Sensitivity allowed me to return to a pattern I’ve lived since childhood. 

Another key.  There is another key component to my recovery from EMF Sensitivity and it has little to do with frequencies.  I had to reduce and eliminate as much stress from my life as absolutely possible.  This would help my adrenals in that they would no longer shoot out a continuous stream of Fight or Flee chemicals.  I had to allow them to recover.

It’s like a corporation trying to return to profitability.  You can only do so much by cutting expenses.  Eventually, you have to come out with a product or service that will increase revenue.  In the case of my adrenals, I had the product/service side in the supplements that were helping to rebuild and strengthen them.  What I needed was the cost reduction side.  That meant reducing and/or eliminating all stress to the degree possible, which is a challenge in and of itself.

I write more about this here.

My advice to someone dealing with this particular symptom of EMF Sensitivity is to be easy on yourself.  It takes time to recover and several small steps will go a long way.  It will be far less stressful than trying to do too much at once.  As your body regains its strength the ability to eat a healthier diet and having more energy for exercise will return.

A final word about exercise. My absolute favorite exercise is walking.  I have done plenty of work with free weights and I have done aerobics and jazzercise but by far I am happiest when walking is the core of my workout.

Exercise is also one of the remedies for EMF Sensitivity symptoms.  The positive hormones and other chemicals released during exercise helped me feel better.  The unfortunate part was the catch-22 of not having enough energy to exercise regularly.  However, even housework had the potential to enable me to feel better – even if it was only a little while.  So, every little bit helps.










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