The Sound of Meteors (EMFs)

For some time I’ve known of a relationship between how the ear processes sound and EMF symptoms.

People who are EMF Sensitive actually hear the frequencies and for some reason, the sound is processed in such a way that the body interprets them as a threat.

In a previous post I describe the sound of EMFs.

I recently talked with the guy mentioned in that article who worked at Allied Signal.  At his present job he can hear a high pitched sound from his monitor.  He is the only one who can hear it.

When he brings up a spreadsheet and positions it in a specific location, he hears the sound.  If he moves the spreadsheet to a different position on the monitor, the sound disappears.  He is the only person who can hear it.  A EE, he theorizes that the image in that location (the pixels) drive the sound. 

Last night, my husband and I were outside talking.  A strange sound made me look up.

It sounded like whistling coming from inside a cave.  It was almost like a wind howling except it was more like a soft whistling – how it would sound if it were in a cave.  The sound changed pitch.  It was not eerie, just very strange.

I saw a bright light falling in a strange way, reminding me of fireworks.  It had a long orange tail behind it.  There was a bright flash of light and then the entire thing vanished, as If it had been sucked into a vacuum.

My husband also heard the sound.  He was facing me so he did not see the object.  What he did see was a sky illuminated as if by flashes of lightning.  He said the whole sky lit up.

I described what I’d seen.  “That sounds like a satellite or a meteor, something burning up as it’s entering the atmosphere,” he said.

About an hour later headlines verified that several people throughout the US Southwest saw the mysterious light, attributing it to a meteor.  What piqued my curiosity wasn’t the light so much as the sound.  I’d heard the meteor before I saw it.  It was the sound that made me look up.  Was this possible?  Do meteors make sound?

A lot of articles mention the sonic boom a meteor may make.  This one did not.  I saw the flash just before it vanished – silently.  Not a peep.  No boom.  Just the whistling sound (not buzzing) before I saw the meteor.

When I looked up and saw the object streaking in the sky I continued to hear the whistling before it vanished in a bright flash of light. 

In reading about meteors and sound, one comment jumped out at me.

“…The explanation is that meteors give off very low frequency radio waves, which travel at the speed of light.

Very low and ultra low frequencies are the ones I am sensitive to.  They are the ones that typically cause health issues for me.

“…Even though you can’t directly hear radio waves, these waves can cause physical objects on the Earth’s surface to vibrate.”

I most certainly did hear a sound emitted by this falling object!  So did my husband.

I felt no vibration whatsoever.  And there was no sonic boom.

“…The radio waves cause a sound – which our ears might interpret as the sizzle of a meteor shooting by.”

The sound was not a buzzing or sizzling.  It was a strange hollow whistling sound.

It’s amazing that people’s experiences are so easily dismissed because a researcher/scientist/expert can’t comprehend how something may be true.  It’s pretty obvious some people are able to hear outside the average range of human hearing.  They are able to hear ultra low and very low electromagnetic frequencies.

They are EMF Sensitives.



2 thoughts on “The Sound of Meteors (EMFs)”

  1. This is outrageous. I believe my current problems with sleep apnoea are being contributed to by increased levels of EMR that I am being exposed to. So if I went to my doctor in a totally desperate state, he would recommend I used a sleep apnoea machine, which would only increase my EHS and sleep apnoea!!!

    1. I’m sorry you’re having difficulty with sleep apnea. My experience with sleep apnea machines won’t necessarily be your experience. However, it is something to consider. If EMF exposure is the root of the apnea then there are steps you can take to reduce your exposure, including unplugging devices at night, including any routers or WiFi in your home. If you are talking about outside sources, there are still steps you can take. I have explained how I cured my own sensitivity in posts on the site. I’m also putting together more information that I will release soon. Focus on ensuring your mineral levels are where they need to be – potassium in particular since it is critical for the body’s electrical cell signaling. Magnesium is also critical and many people are deficient in these important minerals for a variety of reasons (some of which I’ve written about). I personally know someone who cured his sleep apnea. After suffering a heart attack and cardiac arrest he became a vegetarian (not vegan). He walks miles everyday either on a treadmill or outdoors. After this change – and it took time – he realized he no longer had the allergies he once suffered from and he no longer had sleep apnea. He never had to use the machine.

      A machine is only one approach. There is also surgery for those whose apnea is caused by a deviated septum and there are natural methods such as the one in the example above. EMF Sensitivity can be cured so if that is the root of the apnea then you can take control of your health and try that route. Ironically, much of the approach is similar to that taken by the above example.

      Rather than juicing he begins his day with a protein drink filled with fresh fruit. It took time but it worked. So there is reason to hope. I wish you luck. Elizabeth

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