Sleep Apnea Machine and EMFs

My family was recently in a short-term rental.  A wonderful condo, it was the perfect place to hang out before a big move.  Except…

Over the weeks we were there, something strange happened regarding sleep.

Him.  My husband, who only occasionally snores, began to snore nightly, and so loudly that I had to wake him to roll onto his side.  He was keeping me up.

Her.  I began to notice that whenever I rolled onto my left side I got tachycardia.  But only in that bed.

We took a few out of town trips and I never had that difficulty.  I’d also never had that in the past.

Obviously, whatever was causing it was either in our room or very close by.  In searching for an answer, a suspicion took root.

We shared a wall with the neighbor.  The wall above our bed was also the wall above his bed.  The man had sleep apnea.

Each night, at the same time, I could hear his sleep apnea machine go on and I could hear it operating.

“I wonder if his machine is affecting me.”

I wondered if it was affecting us.

The sleep apnea machine was on the same side of the room my husband slept on.  I wondered if something about that was causing his breathing to be screwed up.  Was it harmonizing his pattern to match that of the guy or that machine?

I knew from studies done at Notre Dame University that babies who slept in the family bed harmonized their breathing with that of their mothers.

Aaron suggested that I sleep with my head at the foot of the bed.  That way I could roll to the left but I would be rolling away from the place where the machine was located.  If I didn’t have the problem then I’d know it was the machine.

I didn’t want him in that room any longer.  I was certain sleeping on the other side of the wall from the sleep apnea machine was negatively impacting his health.

He slept in another part of the house and I turned myself around.

The experiment proved that the machine was somehow impacting me.  When I slept away from the machine, even in the same room, I was fine.  No tachycardia.

We only had two weeks before we were moving out but neither of us wanted to spend another night in that room.  We were both being negatively impacted by the sleep apnea machine.

We checked into a hotel, only returning to the condo in the day.

Was it EMFs?  I don’t have enough experience with sleep apnea machines to say definitively.  I do know that being on the other side of the condo wall from that particular machine negatively impacted both my husband and I.

It left me wondering about all the spouses who live with someone using such a device.

I know a few folks who have them in their homes.  More than one spouse actually sleeps in a separate bedroom because they are kept awake by the noise the machine makes.

Another spouse told me her husband was constantly woken up by the noise the machine made.

I wondered what was more damaging – the apnea or his chronic lack of sleep as a result of constantly waking up.

I have no idea what type of machine it was.  I only know it was worth moving into a hotel to sleep for the remainder of the stay.  The risk to our health was not worth it.

As for my husband’s snoring?  As soon as we left that condo, the snoring disappeared.