Homeopathic Staples for Family – Sleep

I have been using homeopathy for decades with excellent results.  The brands I’ve used and had good luck with are BoironHyland’s, and Nova.  In general, I get Boiron for single remedies, Hyland’s for Children’s Remedies, and Nova for specific combinations aimed at treating a condition in adults.
For many remedies, I keep two sets; one for home and one for travel.  These remedies have been invaluable in keeping my family healthy so I thought I would share them here.  The best part of homeopathy is the lack of side effects, the lack of contraindications with other medications, and the safety for infants and children.  Of course, you can always talk to your health care provider for your specific needs.

Organization.  It’s best to keep the remedies organized so you can find them when you need them.  One of the keys to homeopathy is to administer the remedy at the onset of symptoms.  I organize by what they treat.  For travel, I keep the remedies in ziplock bags marked appropriately.  At home, I have small plastic containers I purchased at the Container Store.  They have pull-out drawers that hold each group of remedies.

Sleep remedies.  I’ve had excellent luck with various homeopathic remedies for sleep.  I only use or administer them on occasion.  In addition to these remedies, I recommend the Bach Flower Remedy White Chestnut.  It helps calm the mind when the same thoughts go round and round, keeping one awake.

Calms Forte for adults and Calms Forte 4 Kids are excellent remedies.  Moon Drops is another excellent homeopathic remedy for adults.

Calms Forte and Calms Forte 4 Kids can often be found at pharmacies such as Walgreen’s, as well as at health food stores.  Moon Drops are available at health food stores (at least in Fort Collins, CO), but I have also ordered them online when I was unable to find them locally.

Sleepless nights.  It’s normal to experience difficulty with sleep from time to time, even in children.  I’ve noticed it’s often during times of change which including mental and emotional development and growth.  As a result, I treat whatever emotional or mental imbalance that may be present by using the appropriate Bach Flower Remedy.  White Chestnut helps still a restless mind, Mimulus can help with fear of a known thing, and Aspen is good for general anxiety or fear when the cause is not known.

I have often used the Bach Flower remedies alone, without any other remedy, successfully.

I’ve had better luck with homeopathic remedies than straight herbals.

I typically give a half dose to start, to see how the body handles it.  If you find yourself waking up in the middle of the night, it’s likely that the remedy is out of your system and a full dose will be required.  If you wake up feeling groggy, then a half dose is probably sufficient.

I do not recommend taking a double dose.

If you have chronic difficulties with sleep, it’s probably a good idea to see a sleep specialist.  The remedies above are meant for short-term use.

Do not take the remedies if you are not ready to go to sleep.  I find that when they kick in, they kick in hard. 

For me, it takes 45 minutes to an hour but once the remedy kicks in, I’m sound asleep within minutes.  I have never had difficulty coming straight awake if necessary.  These remedies are not narcotic and should not cause anyone to be in such a deep sleep they are oblivious to anyone calling out to them or any sort of an emergency.







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