Homeopathic Staples for Family – Colds and other respiratory infections

I have been using homeopathy for decades with excellent results.  The brands I’ve used and had good luck with are BoironHyland’s, and Nova.  In general, I get Boiron for single remedies, Hyland’s for Children’s Remedies, and Nova for specific combinations aimed at treating a condition in adults.
For many remedies, I keep two sets; one for home and one for travel.  These remedies have been invaluable in keeping my family healthy so I thought I would share them here.  The best part of homeopathy is the lack of side effects, the lack of contraindications with other medications, and the safety for infants and children.  Of course, you can always talk to your health care provider for your specific needs.

Organization.  It’s best to keep the remedies organized so you can find them when you need them.  One of the keys to homeopathy is to administer the remedy at the onset of symptoms.  I organize by what they treat.  For travel, I keep the remedies in ziplock bags marked appropriately.  At home, I have small plastic containers I purchased at the Container Store.  They have pull-out drawers that hold each group of remedies.

Cold and other respiratory infections.  This includes fevers and other viral and antibacterial infections.  I have had excellent results keeping the kids away from the doctor by administering homeopathic remedies at the onset of symptoms.  I have found that homeopathy also shortens the duration of any illness.

I don’t like taking kids to the doctor or emergency room where they will be exposed to other sick people and will expose others to whatever they have.  I would much rather treat them at home.  It’s very important to avoid dehydration when a child is sick.  If you suspect your child (or you) suffers from dehydration, it’s important to seek medical assistance.  An IV may be necessary to replenish vital fluids.

Hyland’s offers a Kids’ Kit that is absolutely fabulous and takes the guess work out of dosage and diagnosis.  It’s available online as well as at various health food stores (Call first to check).

Hyland’s Sniffles N Sneezes is a great combination for kids when the symptoms of a cold first kick in.  This remedy has been effective at shortening the duration of the illness.  Hyland’s Cold N Cough 4 Kids and Nighttime Cold N Cough 4 Kids is great at soothing a cough so the kids can rest.

These remedies can often be found at Walgreen’s (Smart company) as well as health food stores.  When the stores have been out, I’ve tried other remedies but none of them worked nearlry as well as the Hyland’s formulas.

Pulsatilla is for colds with thick yellow nasal discharge.  However, I had good luck stopping a croupy cough with this remedy.  Kali bichromicum is for colds with thick nasal discharge, but again, I’ve had luck stopping a nagging cough when nothing else worked.

Antimonium tartaricum is good for a wet nonproductive cough.  Aconitum napellus is good for high fever of sudden onset.

Belladonna is an excellent remedy for infections, including urinary tract and bladder.  When I am uncertain (in very early stages) which remedy to try, I add belladonna.

I have used a neti pot when I had Influenza A.  It wasn’t fun but it helped.

I have had decent luck with a traditional hot toddy.

A friend told me that her grandmother, a nurse, used to wrap her in a cold wet sheet when she was sick.  Although she hated the feeling of the cold, she said that she soon warmed up and then began sweating profusely, allowing her body to sweat out the toxins and recover.

Although I take homeopathic remedies, I also take over the counter medicines for relief when appropriate.  I rely on Nyquil with alcohol to help me get the sleep I need.  Without rest,  the illness is prolonged.


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