Homeopathic Staples for Family – Pain

I have been using homeopathy for decades with excellent results.  The brands I’ve used and had good luck with are Boiron, Hyland’s, and Nova.  In general, I get Boiron for single remedies, Hyland’s for Children’s Remedies, and Nova for specific combinations aimed at treating a condition in adults.
For many remedies, I keep two sets; one for home and one for travel.  These remedies have been invaluable in keeping my family healthy so I thought I would share them here.  The best part of homeopathy is the lack of side effects, the lack of contraindications with other medications, and the safety for infants and children.  Of course, you can always talk to your health care provider for your specific needs.

Organization.  It’s best to keep the remedies organized so you can find them when you need them.  One of the keys to homeopathy is to administer the remedy at the onset of symptoms.  I organize by what they treat.  For travel, I keep the remedies in ziplock bags marked appropriately.  At home, I have small plastic containers I purchased at the Container Store.  They have pull-out drawers that hold each group of remedies.

Pain relief.  Homeopathy is remarkably effective at pain relief.  Arnica Montana is great for bumps and bruises.  This also comes in creams and gels but I find that the oral preparation is sufficient.  Kali carbonicum is good for lower back pain.  Calcarea phosphorica for growing (bone) pains which can start quite young in kids…especially if they are in sports.

From a nutritional therapy angle, growing pains often signal a need for additional mineral supplementation.  There are plenty of good multi-vitamin supplements with minerals, though getting them through food is preferable. 

Chamomilla is great for teething pain at any age, including 5 year and 12 year molars and wisdom teeth.  For adults, it also works after dental work.

Bach Flower Remedy Walnut is an excellent addition to this as it addresses the emotional behaviors associated with teething.

Aesculus hippocastanum is excellent for hemorrhoids, both for pain and in eliminating them.  Belladonna is in with my pain remedies though it could and would also belong with the remedies to treat infections.  It’s excellent for treating bladder and urinary tract infections.  These can cause a great deal of pain and are pretty common in young children who are being toilet trained.  Boys and girls alike, often out of fear, will hold their urine to avoid having to use a toilet.  This leads to infection that may go unnoticed unless and until there is a physical sign such as blood in the urine.  At the first sign of an infection, you can give belladonna but you may want to seek the help of your pediatrician.

I went to school for this so I’m comfortable treating my kids.  I use a pediatrician who is an MD and holistic practitioner (or homeopath, depending) only as a consultant.  Parents need to do what they are comfortable with and what they feel is in the best interest of their child’s health.


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