Allergies? Try Homeopathy

Spring is an amazing season in the US.  Depending where you live, you may be shoveling snow or watching the buds sprout through watery, itchy eyes.  I can remember it snowing in early May in Michigan one year, yet also remember being in shorts in early March another.  Spring is one of those seasons that can throw a variety of weather patterns our way and from year to year it changes.  It’s also a time many people associate with seasonal allergies.
As one who never suffered such allergies, I had very little experience with holistic approaches to dealing with them.  I could only go on anecdotal information shared by coworkers and friends throughout the years.  One manager swore by Chinese acupuncture for allergies, while another talked about steam and sauna.  An organic farmer talked about a unique garlic soup that sounded a bit difficult to get down.  One thing lacking was consistency in a modality or methodology to relieving allergy symptoms.

This year I got the unexpected opportunity to test a remedy for myself.  Something in the air has left me incredibly stuffed up, with coughing, sneezing, watery eyes, and sinus pain.  I tried regular over the counter allergy medicine to no avail.  I tried cold medicine since the symptoms can be so similar.  No dice.  I tried a sinus tab I’d had good luck with in the past but nope…my nose continued to run like a faucet.

I decided to try a homeopathic remedy, Sabadil by Boiron.

I followed the instructions on the packet, giving a dose to my husband who is also suffering from allergy symptoms.

Like in other cases with holistic remedies, I felt a bit worse before feeling better.

Like a cleansing reaction when detoxing.

In fact, after the second dose (you take two tabs every 15 minutes for an hour then you take two tabs 3x/day), I was more stuffed than I recall ever being.  But I kept at it, finishing the last dose of the hour before going to bed.

About ten minutes after laying down I was suddenly clear.  I was clear throughout the night and got an excellent sleep.  When I woke up I felt pretty clear and I was able to breathe normally.

I have taken the first of the 3 doses and so far so good.  I’m breathing normally and feel much better.  My husband also had good results and is also symptom free.  He hasn’t had to blow his nose once today!

It may be worth giving homeopathy a try.  One of the best benefits – no side effects.  Homeopathy is also not contraindicated with medications you may be taking.  However, you can always consult your physician before trying it out.








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